Sunday, 5 January 2014

An Entrance to 2014

Well its now the start of the new year. People have recovered from the parties and the boozing, well some have at least, the announcements to 2014 were full of loved ones. Of coruse, people had to be pushing the limits and getting engaged as well as people you wouldn't expect to be together, being together, which being single is getting depressing. But lets begin

The countdown into 2014.

NYE was a quiet one, sure i was working more than i should have but it wasn't much to brag about, sure i did start bulding a Core i7 Desktop for a Customer, using a Gigabyte board, and a Cooler which i use on my PC at home. It wasn't tricky, but it is very time consuming, even with the amount of other things i had to get done as well, from Teaching Windows 8 to even reinstalling windows to a new HDD for a different customer.
The i7 in the GA-H81M-D2V motherboard along with Corsair 16GB (2x 8GB) Vengance DDR3 RAM .
The i7 with the Artic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 . This is actually a nice and quiet one

Then it was the evening. So this was quite a busy one, well not that busy except getting a Review of the Year up for the Channel. It took about 3 hours and i got to start uploading about 20 minutes before Midnight. It was quite a detailed edit in iMovie, but it seems is wasn't as good from the ratings, oh well.

Then it was the final countdown, the fireworks went off in london with an amazing bang, my dad lit some of our own off, but i tweeted HAPPY NEW YEAR and text Emma, Jess, Charley, Ashleigh, Bronti and Sophie, it was nice to get a reply from Bronti and Jess but that was about it. Shortly after some phone calls from my parents to their parents and even my sister calling, it was a quick watch of a Robbie William interview and then Blade. Then, i was up until 3am to get it uploaded.

Then it was a relaxing day. Not much actually happened apart from Playing Games and buying £17s of games from Steam for the Final day of the Sale. PAC-MAN CE DX then Bit trip runner 2 and then Castle of Illusion. That should keep me occupied. Even more so when i was playing some Age of Empires II HD online, Black Forest is always a fun map.

Then it was an early roast for my tea, which was tasty, lidl do really nice turkey which has a bacon wrapping and filled with stuffing, which is a best of 3 meats in one. While eating this, the TV was on with the crappy remake of "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", it was ok i suppose but felt really corny.
The first Roast of 2014. Which was quite nice.
Then it was a cosy evening of more games and browsing the internet, until about 8pm. Which then, Sherlock was on. Now there was an exclusive Mini Episode on iPlayer which i watched first . That did sum little up, but its not really needed to actually understand the main episode. But it came to 9pm and i started watching it, then had a bath. But when i did watch it, it was amazing, from the backstory and the funny point that Dr Watson had a moustache, until is fiance agreed with sherlock to get it shaved. Ever since the Hobbit, i can't really take him seriously, or i will jump up and down with excitement if there ever is a crossover, which will never happen. It was also shocking how he was left 4 dead (yes the reference is clear even though it has no meaning to what this is about) underneath a bonfire. After that, it was some more sleeping and fapping and it was a normal life for me.

Work was pretty much the rest of the two days and things like iPad lessons, Cable Tidying, Home Visits to set up PCs after replacing PSUs and even having to have one of my regular customers say to me "i wish to die", that isn't nice and reminds me when i felt just as low over 4 years ago, over Abbey. But enough of me ranting, its time for the main bit, which you can see below:

The Resolutions:

Now i've decided to set the goals i want to accomplish this year. As you might of read from the 2013 Review, i've only completed  3 of the resolutions i've mentioned, so i will carry those forward, since its getting into a important goal that if i can't achieve then my life will feel at a standstill. But for now, i'll list all of the resolution i will have this year to hopefully do:

  • Get my first kiss - Like i mentioned above, its now getting important and i'm missing out on the one part of life that for some reason, everyone else around me can easily get with a click of a finger almost. 
  • Get into my first relationship - Its the same again, now of courser there is the age of POF and online dating, but for me, it doesn't work and its not a case of looking but now a waiting game and for the right moment to grab the chance with someone,  i wish it could be Emma, but knowing my luck with what happened to Abbey, when i moved on years later, she became single then dated another possible jerk, so its having to constantly check for the right moment. The worst part of this is, its now getting harder to get the chance because either the person that mistreated "their" girl suddenly tries to have a change of heart and ends up back together. Charley there is no chance for now. Maybe its Jess or Sophie, i would say Ash but she just chucks a metaphorical brick wall on your face to possibly kill you if you try to ask her out. Sophie still pretty much ignores me, Jess is nice and she doesn't mind me but we need to see each other except me passing by her work or dancing in oceana, she did tweet that she might be up for a meal, i could work on that. 
  • Have a mates or friends day out - Now this was meant to happen for exeter, but since plans can change at short notice which changes the plan for the day out, it ended up by myself. Maybe somewhere different could be neat, but this will be more for the summer, one idea was even to go camping in cornwall for a weekend, but that is pushing my luck for 5 years, even though that would be more of a idea for a romantic weekend.
  • Enjoy a meal with friends at a chinese Restaurant - Now this I, um...... ok i was wanting to have a date with a girl at one, but like my luck with these things, its pushing it and will probably never happen, so i had to generalise it to maybe make a chance work. 
  • Finish games - Now this is very general but there are a few titles in mind such as:
    • PACMAN CE DX for Steam - i've started it but this should be done before march, i'm on S Rank for Championship II and i've missed out Ghost Combo. 
    • KH 1.5 HD Remix for PS3 - I've just got some RE:COM of Riku's Story then its the 358/2 Days cineamatics and that should be done before May.
    • KH 2.5 HD Remix - Now this is more for the final months of 2014, if Square do release the game before 2015, KHII i've never played, KH:BBS is intense and really well done, playing with a 360 controller helps too.
    • Hotline Miami - Now i've missed parts of this, especially after the PC Reinstall, i've been put off from it.
    • Oddworld - This is another i need to sort, but i'm sort of waiting for the HD edtion of Munch's Oddysee to come out and also i want to get New N Tasty
That is just a summary of them, sure most of them i won't be able to do, but i hope to. But for now, its about 2am, i need to fap then drink. Especially after seeing someone amazing looking like shes turning into my dream girl, but for E i would do aot of things, i also need to start sorting valentines possibly. 

See you in the next post