Saturday, 20 July 2019

The Catchup before the Decade Twitterversary

Time has flown by, 10 years of me doing twitter, which has been a rollercoaster io arguments and also how love has changed me as well as meeting some special people from twitter and how friendships formed and some faded and some silent gained. But recapping 10 years will never be an easy task in 2 days. But there was a giveaway which an announcement will be in the vlog of the Carnival (The same day as the Twitterversary). But for now, its time to catch up on what has been an actually interesting month of realisation of friends and loves too.

We catch up from when I got home from London. 

So, the day after I got back from Holiday, it been an amazing trip, my head was buzzing, she enjoyed the time we had and sure she got some creams as a final treat for that food overdose she loved. Sure that did leave less than £100 left when I came home and I had about £400 before I went on holiday. But Taking that extra day to really cain the uploading was so worth it. But I did upset someone special since I didn't really chat to her when away, but I did make it up to her and things were on the up and also I was in this love potion but maybe for the right reasons but it was always back to work. 

This was also with the tie ins with the hype of the next prime minister, which Deciding day was just 2 days after my twitterversarry as well. But politics has been completely split by this point with no guidance and its all-out bitchy chaos up there, back from the city of my dreams in the mini ways from that special girl who did meet me twice.

But work was back to normal and trust me video editing was a nightmare so take a break from the youtube life, which is fair since loads were to happen later on (actually nope). But people in work were still shocked about my hair in their own way, customers seeing me bright blonde was a shock. I was in holiday blues by this point and I said to myself then I had an account to do, but I never got it done, that's for August in all; honesty. But sure I even did sign up to this amazing girls site which I get on really well with the patty. She's down to earth yet eating her way to a quarter ton (40 stone/500lbs) with the help of the fella shes moved in with. makes me jealous of that relationship and her heavy breathing is so sensual but she's been a good friend to chat too. BBW Royalty is a pain for browsing pics when one new set never worked so no pics lol.

Same with S since shes been there for me more in the past times than I can imagine but even I make mistakes with the looks she has wanting to fall for her old self which shes changing from them. Funny that around this time, she got a message about "Block Mattie since he's now in a relationship with me" well it's those lines that made me worry a ton and I had to check if anyone else had that as well since it made me feel locked and things like that. But things felt tricky and also we were nearly in planning stages to meet, I'll get into that later.

But it was looming, the month of change, arguments, massive work spending and also another New Years resolution to get started.

The Break of June. 

Well, it was work, as usual, cycling was now back up to the Butcher Park hill route is now the thing and Pride month was starting, a great way to have the taste of Chinese food at home since of my fun time at Bang Bang.  But even after that, I feel no Chinese can compare but that might change again one day.

But it was also time for that show, yes the show that pretty much lied in the casting and well its something over my head with #relationshipproblems, yes, I mean love Island. it's back on and ugh. But that all my 2p pieces on it. 

But after realising that I need to do a let's play for CTR (New years resolution) and also it was time to get an omracer reviews done of the Mi Headset. It's actually comfy and done me wonders on the bike, okay sure it fell off the ear twice (way singe the review, it was stable in the right position). Plus one of the most trusting reps from the same firm I went up to Plugin for the holiday is being changed around and isn't works Xbox rep

The headset testing

Tested in a helmet
Also, I look back and realise that I've not got the closest thing to phone calls which is voice notes, its fucking amazing to be honest, its made me life bond a bit more with some special friends and I won't forget it. Especially compared to a whopping 10 years ago where losing Abbey broke me (actually for some reason the past seems like its meant to just forget the hurt with a re-add but it's not). But indeed it's back to food.

Sure at this point it was another Greggs for her but it was good since that place has been a lifesaver for me in some ways as well But it was also a time of Roadworks to begin which is the starting the buildings of Lies and maybe decent with Bovis Homes. Well, they build 750 homes, ope they will probably do 400 then sell the land off due to not having to fund the 70 million for the railway back to Tavi. So nature will sadly be missed and this time the field for #dogwalkingwithomracer had been closed off this time as well, this was only for 2 weeks I will be honest but still frustrating at the time.

The site is starting to be built on

But time passed, work was about to get EXPENSIVE with both an iMac to order AND it was E3 week so consoles were on discount, oh god, well even work is still £200 off to pay and make gaming orders pretty much fucked since CTR but that's is the life of small shops, Paypal did save the business in the aspect of that. But it was also time I started doing phone repairs in work and actually, that has been better than I expected. 

But it was that weekend I did end up getting just eat and well, that restaurant I had the date it was too good to say no to. But I was still buzzing in feelings, which soon I think I take it too far to try to do the right thing. But for now its back to doing things like normal. Work was having some deals in central as well, well; that and leftover bottles.

But then it was time to make a massive order and boy did I do it with work. like it was a lot and Days of Play was minded in its highest regard for work. But I did make an effort and also did set and sell a mac. But that leads to E3 week and actually, only those small few titles stood out to me, Cyberpunk 2077 and a few others, plus smash bros memes too.

But E3 week was going strong, chats were really building up and maybe it looked good, even to the point where I show you the cat that greets me often when running up the hill near where I live.

the cute cat

Bless it, does not want me to leave

But Sadly Rosie never likes it when I want to go to sleep either.

But then it was finally time to put my commitment too far. Maybe it was to build up to something I wanted so bad but too early, but I put someone on my prepaid card, a bit extreme now I realise but I think it was something that would help our friendship and trust move further but it was also me been keen on something that my holiday vibes made me. for that, I went too far. But that with to try to make her have fewer worries in life without her asking and in the end it's too much and the house even though it was too much. But it was also good the field was back for #dogwalkingwithomracer.

This was ideal when one of my regulars cancelled on a Monday since, after this Twitterversary, Mondays will be in the shop. This was also goodbye to the membership on BBW Royalty, just before patty uploads a video with her accent. That is always karma but shes

The breakfast for it 

Rosie in the field like she loves it as usual 

But after this, it was VERY close to CTR. Like a few days away from the game I've always wanted to thrash online (um no now I realised I'm actually meh in the real world) and my first time of PS Plus but that was going to be maybe most of my summer. But I was nieve to realise how busy things would get for me both in love life and personal. But I was ready, work reps were always calling during the busy week and you have to pick and choose wisely. I don't think I did but that's the consequences of those actions still happening now. But being reckless, It was to push the NY resolution of CTR.

Then it was time to focus on the week while focusing on that and then the Heatwave and then it was the truth of realising and upset. I mean this was on a day I was working 12 hour days that week. Even with cycling in the heat and WhatsApp. But All I could say to her was sorry and this was also the time a machine at work was starting just eat cards. But that day I left a group chat and also upset other friends over this too. So it ended up a depressing week to learn the mistakes but Also this made me realise it was starting to be people that actually liked me more than I thought and I didn't see this.  But things felt empty and lost and maybe S was there for me more than ever. But what did make me smile is that my parents really wanted to meet her too but maybe one day that might happen. But soon it was going to be a chance with someone since feelings change and actually local trust to build and gain.

But it was also time that Aerolite has their warranty tested and me and mum contacted the company and explained it. Which actually until very recently, it had no response but actually, the outcome was, YES they will send a replacement on the WARRANTY. Since it was caused by walking and running, so it's covered on their end as far as I know, well I didn't say running but you get the idea. That and I got a hot video from a girl that pretty much can be a bit rude to me sometimes of her breaking the bed. her expression is gold and maybe if I see S I might try to meet this lady one day.

But it was nearing the last week of this month and I felt like it was a low time but yet better than 10 years ago when my heart broke badly for the first-ever time. There were tikka, giveaway plans and a lot MORE that I had done and also things I felt was a change in direction. Oh and Tesco do some amazing shirts

I liked the last shirt since it reminded me back on my old night out days.

The best shirt for nights out 

Even in the autumn months 

The July 

Well, its the month of 10 years of twitter, work is hectic and bills overdue. My mind was a bit crazy and fluttered, knowing I would end up hurting a friend would end up bad but I made up with the local lady  and realise that the chance of me and her build up the trust will be amazing even if we have a lot of fears to face along the way. But it was the first time to get the way of cycling long distances for work just for wifi extension setups. But there were some lovely views of the place.

This was also the time that online Races on CTR were glossy and even crashing on the finish line in first is a ball ache. But shame the footage I can never get back, Even though the Grand Prix was upon us by that point. But that weekend was meant to be the delivery of a prize and a date, but the date was cancelled the night before which I can understand in some ways, things get rushed and I'm too keen which is never good. But a customer had the prize posted. Eventually, I need to upload the pic on to work's FB page don't i.

But the days were passing and my sister was actually on Holiday for marriage things, well she enjoyed it but she also had a few days off and she wanted to go to Padstow again. Which that will be the next plan, but before that was finally time to do my first Twitter Giveaway.

But then it was the chance of me being fucking stupid with someone amazing. I was in conflict with wanting my dream girl which she used to be and she didn't want that and maybe I pushed the boundaries of our friendship since I wanted to buy content when she was at her biggest and it was entitled of me to do it and I think that ruined a lot of things between us. Not realising I was actually guilt-tripping her. But I apologised to her and pretty much realised, that it's a platonic friendship with no attracted feelings towards each other (or make it seem that way on my end) and she's losing loads of weight which in a way does help with keeping it that way even if there was a way to meet the biggest her. But hopefully, the talks were in motion to meet someone that hasn't lost that size, even if one girl that also used to be my dream size had to lose weight and wants to teach me how to shave and brush my teeth for some reason. But the past is the past and desires will always catch my eye first which I've learned a lot more recently.

But the day out with my sister was amazing actually. Enjoying golf on felt, underwater footage and CTR music when cycling.

The camel

Under the Camel

Timer selfie

The stag

But then it was coming back to chaos in work, sadly yes it was, kids and school can make things harder. Bills were overdue and also customers even today STILL visiting for a job on the day I'm not in. Things are a nightmare but I'm doing the best I can and now starting to do iPhone repairs for real. Is that a good thing, Actually no since some problems I've not found the fix for and refunds for while you wait for repair jobs. But it has helped in other ways.  But since soon it would be my final cycle for work outside the place on a Monday, I made the effort and had 3 jobs anyway. ALSO, I was finally using Regen for boosting energy and made sure that I got the vlog done before the week of the Twitterversary began, Which it did by Sunday. 

But then it was the Week of this Twitterversary. Especially with the ROYAL VISIT. Well yes, Camilla and Charles visited work, my shop had a bomb dog sniff at my bad and it was cute but the police chap was blunt and was irritated I was serving customers even though.

Work wads decorated

The cheap lunch


More of the crowds

he didn't say a word, and the best part is, they didn't even walk through the WHOLE market which is typical fate. This was amazing to deal with but most people I spoke to moaned the town was cut off for this which I can understand in a way. But the week was young, chatting and also getting to know a new lady from near Callington way was interesting to get to know and another friend reached 450lbs when shes pushing and gulping her way to 500lbs. Probably the fattest in Plymouth which is astounding.

But it was also amazing when a friendship with the local lady went to another level and she gave me a gift which I will spend when we meet for the actual proper first time. But the fact she did that means there is a true bond between us and after the past, it's an amazing thing I hopefully don't fuck up and maybe it might be the search for love complete, only time will tell. It was also perfect since some jeans from Brandmax decided to Die on me as well. Plus I entered the CTR League too., 

And then we have the Twitterversary itself. The day to reflect, vlog on the Carnival and even more. But that's for another post. But we will check the New Year Resolutions over 7 months in.

The Goals: 

Well, let's see what's actually happened here.

  • Finish N Sane Trilogy  - This I've not done
  • Finish CTR Nitro-Fueled - Well, I've got 88% on adventure mode and now Grand Prix is exciting, this might be a never-ending. But i think i can work at it
  • Finish KH3 - Just a 1/4 way there
  • Take at least 3 weekends away on holiday  - Done one weekend so far
  • Have a kiss and cuddle with a girl  - This is very close if the bonds of friendship are what they are seeming
  • Have a fast food or Buffet date with a girl - I've done a foodhall date which counts as a buffet so DONE
  • Lose my virginity - Now this might take some time to complete
  • Blog More - This is a whacking fail
  • Get back to YT Partner - About 33 Subs left to that Partnership but due to Alex doing a copyright strike instead of asking me to take a video down, it might be tricky since of the 3 strikes in the 3 months period. 
  • Feed Online Less - This has been almost a disaster and nearly spent £300 on food vouchers this year so far 

I will catch up and announce the winners soon of the giveaway.