Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Measurements of May and Progress Report

Well, we are now into June, 5 months into the Year have passed, which although there have been some good moments, its become a year of regrets, lost chances and twats being twats. Anyways, its time to actually check on whats happened in terms of the New Years Resolutions i set this year . But before that, i need to clear up an Experiment or more so a Measurement i've been doing this past month.

The Measurements of May

So some of you might remember a Tally Chart back in 2012 i did, I'll Be honest and explain that it was a repeat of this but since i'm now 21, which some call a peak in the horomones, it was time to see how many times i was getting Boners in a day. So with the help of Office Starter 2010 and Google Keep, it was easier to keep track with less hassle this time. Without any ado, enjoy the tally below:

So, thats the results. To be fair, this doesn't mean much, well looking at that, its just numbers and dates.

Basically the chart shows that the first week has been quite high in terms of how many a day, this was surprising that during the night out, the amount wasn't as much as i thought it would be, I was guessing that i would of had more than what i had but since that night wasn't as amazing as i hoped, it made sense. The first bank holiday was unusually high, maybe i was excited for the night out or maybe the snapchats from the night before were sexy, It was probably the latter.
That and the 3rd week was also more stimulating, even though it was my week to myself, so i had more time to pleasure myself probably.

All in all, i'm on an average of 5 per day for the most part, week 2 and 4 shown that, does that mean i'm losing my libido, probably not as fast as i thought, but there can be a chance of it happening if i don't concentrate on getting my goals sorted.

When comparing it to July 2012, its easy to see that my hormones are much stronger now then at that point in 2012, which is a good sign, on average, it seems i'm harder by one more per day now, which maybe doesn't look much of a difference, but i never exceeded 10, which i have done more than once last month.

Progress on Resolutions

Well, as i'm mentioning this, i should say how i'm getting on with accomplishing my New Year Resolutions i set in January. To be honest, i have to say i've done quite poor, espeically when some of the chances have gone out the window or just on the brink if i can manage to get things sorted or even some form of revenge in some cases. But lets go through them:

  • Get my first kiss - This has still been hard, i've gotten close by giving a kiss on the cheek, which i've not done since early 2013.
  • Get into my first relationship - Its been really no hope, especially with the fact that Emma is engaged still and Charley doesn't date her best friends (i've not seen her since her birthday :/ ). This is along way out and far off, even with trying to impress a few girls to try to be able to get into relationships with them after dating from a few meals out, but its not looking likely, especially with things going on and more people being knocked up and engaged, the phrase "plenty of fish" is becoming bullshit now. 
  • Have a mates or friends day out - This hasn't gone to plan yet, maybe something in August, i really haven't thought about his much, so i need to really.
  • Enjoy a meal with friends at a Chinese Restaurant - Not done yet, this was close to being done with some friends but i've not planned it into detail. 
  • Finish games - Now this is very general but there are a few titles in mind such as:
    • PACMAN CE DX for Steam - All done. I should sort something out with the PS3 version.
    • KH 1.5 HD Remix for PS3 - I've just got some RE:COM of Riku's Story then its the 358/2 Days cineamatics and that should be done before May. And its may and i've not played it at all :@. 
    • KH 2.5 HD Remix - Now this is more for the final months of 2014, if Square do release the game before 2015, KHII i've never played, KH:BBS is intense and really well done, playing with a 360 controller helps too. I'll find out dates at E3
    • Hotline Miami - HOLY FUCK THIS WAS HARD. It made me quite trigger happy. But did it nicely, i might probably buy Hotline Miami 2 when its released.
    • Oddworld - E3 has dates on New N Tasty, i  might preorder for PS3 or Steam, i bought the oddbox on PSN in April so i have 2 copies of the oddboxx (PSN & Steam)
    • RR for Vita - I can't do this until NAMCO DECIDE TO MAKE AN UPDATE FOR THE GAME TO WORK WITH VITA TV. Still the same, maybe E3 could change this. 
But that is basically to sum it up, i've forgot on them, Maybe i'm not reminding myself of them enough, well the first 2 are always in my mind, but the rest i've not been focusing as much on them as i should do. This i need to think about and i've put them on keep to remind myself. 

But for now, its time to see how June plays out and hopefully i get chance to get some of the goals done, although i have been distracted by work and also by playing new games, like Watch_Dogs which i will never finish before this year without 12 hour goes which i have no chance on doing, This is the best i can do. If anyone cares, you can enjoy me playing Watch Dogs for 4 hours below:

I'll see you in the next blogpost