Sunday, 20 July 2014

"Yer havin a carnival" (The Tavistock Carnival 2014)

So, its also that time of year when the Carnival of tavistock fastly approaches, with the weahter being mixed towards the end, the week of 6 days and working with Year 10s which has quite frankly been a good godsend and made life much more productive with 4 people at some stage this week. But i'll get into that in a minute. But its been a nice 6 days working, video editing and getting my pc reset with mavericks, aka a reinstall. It took a few hours to back up but i got mostly everything up and running.

But as i mentioned, the past 5 days i've been mentoring 2 year 10s. Which all in all has been a good time, i've shown them the ropes, they have saved me alot of time, some hassle avoided too and well worth doing a full week at work for these guys. From ordering laptops to even cleaning shelfs with some lemon cleaner and tissues. That and i finally bought a new keyboard and mouse, i'll review that next week but it looks really good from what customer's have talked about it. That and something else as well which might be more geeky but you'll find out soon.

But back to the Saturday...

After fapping over charley, yup. But seriously, she looks amazing recently, and even when i saw her just coming back in her flat a week ago, she was but also i hope i might see her more this summer, but i'll play it by ear.

So, i woke up about 9ish, then i just talked to my cat, i even just rested on the floor, looked up and said to myself about its been 5 years nearly since i've been on twitter and i said about a plan to finally get my first kiss on a night out soon. But my day had to start and i got changed then got my river island blue shirt i orginally bought in 2010 and then some jeans and ran down to work, it was a nice run and then i got in, greeted the boss and its a calm day.

The highlights of the day include:

  • Typing up this and another blogpost soon
  • Selling a laptop for £60
  • Mopping the floor up
  • Delivering a PC to a customer's car then i discover a nice drink of costa someone just chucked away, so picked that up and bought it back in then enjoyed that with 2 biscuits i got given by one of the year 10s during the friday. 

The drink i found and the biscuits that were at the back

Then it was time to pack up and head out, i did snap some bits of the farground in the square before i left for home and to top up £100 on my card, i've not done it for over a week, but i should be able to save back up real soon. maybe back to be able to buy Google Glass, which vlogs will be immense if that happens, but i'm going to get there soon enough :)

The view of the Twister and a Donut booth

The view of the Fun House and a bouncy castle

Looking towards the square

The Twister again

Then i got home, greeet by my parents as usual then it was time to prepare for it...or so i thought, i walked in and my mum greeted me, my dad dropped my sister off to a friends house, then i got to move the cat's cage but it turns out she did a shit and she put the litter grains on the sofa :(, anyways i asked how she was then got a mild shower going, got into my trackies then got those usual e-mails checked and then it was nearing 18:10 and i was starting to head down for the evening. My dad got back and then asked how i was then checked his e-mails. 

Then it was time to run down and get the event started. The procession was slightly late but it was quite a good one, maybe... Enjoy the vlog below:

Then after that, i decided to get chinese on the way back, which was slightly pricier, but someone i know on facebook served me, which does add a nice touch. In the end it cost me £17.10 for the whole lot, which is in a bag below:
The bag with it all in and some prawn crackers since you get them free if you spend £15 or more :)

After that, it was a blitz back up to my house then time to get the vlog edited while indulging on this amazing amount.

The food i bought. 2 x seaweed, 1 x Chicken Balls, 1x portion of chips, 1x BBQ sauce, 1x Beef in black bean and thats about it for £17.10
Eating it was nice and it was a not too bad procession, sure it was a fair amount of minion based, since thats really the in thing with comedy but its still good to see something happen every so often.

But the next good event in Tavi might be in september, so i'll see what i can do