Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Boxing Day of family renuion

With the Boxing day upon us, for this guy, its usually a 2nd round of Christmas, the farther's side of the family. This can usually be tense since this year we were hosting the afternoon, but luckily its been smoother than i hoped. Well lets start this day off

A quiet Morning. 

Well, i'll admit after getting another few chapters of the audiobook up, even with my throat almost dying, i got to sleep about 1am, but you can enjoy the 2nd part below, i was speaking a bit faster but i was trying to stop coughing so it was tricky. Enjoy the next 2 chapters anyway :)

Then i slept, cosily with less hassle and maybe a messy room, i woke up after a fap over the beautiful Amy . I think it was a pizza based fantasy, then it ended when i climaxed as she waddles when going food shopping in lidl. But like that will ever happen is a joke,

The morning was more to tidy up but before that, i watched The Interview, yes that film North Korea nearly threatened the US for. I'll be fair and it does feel a bit over the top in jokes. Everyone is Homeydicking everyone from the gripe, Sure Seth falls in love and Flacco was funny being a OTT interviewer which i really felt was funny. "OMG EMEINEM is Gay"  was a headline,
It was nearing 12 and i had to get changed while a good scene was.

Getting the fragances on

The meal of reasonable quality

Then it was time for travelling to the Whitchurch Inn. The outdoors were wet and just appualing to even bother with, Seriously, it was no point if you were outside, you'll end up a wet dog. But after getting in my sisters car, the bluetooth was connected and it was blasting some ok tunes. But we got to Whitcurch, the car had to be parked by the graveyard and i got out, in the mud and then it was time to walk in there. The place was busy that was for certain, slightly cosy inside too.

Walking to the Whitchurch inn

As we got in, we were the last ones in, the family said hi, my grandads girlfriend kissed me on the cheek, i shaked hands with my cousin and others in the room. Then we chatted and said how we all were. I felt better than i thought i would. But after a nice lime and lemonade on a tab that was already started, everyone was sat down and chatter around the tables. I mean it was full of it, not all with me involved but it was nice for the most part. Sums part of it up:

  • Talking about weights, trying to be less than 12 stone, alot of diet talk, jokes about bellies, i shrugged some of it off especially with the irony what i dreamt of earlier. 
  • Chatter about jobs and shopping, like someone boycotting Dartmoor photgraphic from bad customer service, i hinted i sell printer ink and they wanted to see me in the shop, especially on dickensian, lucky they didn't see me with glass :/.
  • Dog talk, from hi fives to even a lecture on not letting a dog eat chocolate.
  • Someone i fixed a computer for was happy with that i did for them :). 
  • I was offered some soup and jalapeƱos. Since my grandad and his girlfriend couldn't eat much, my dad didn't like much of his either :/

Then after so long and a quick piss, the time was come for a roast turkey, it looked ok, quite empty without the vegetables, but i added a short amount that was in a mini dish, Sadly the veg was hard, not elsa frozen hard but you had to make an extra bite, i wasn't too fussed but the parents were noticing it for themselves. But the gravy was tasty, i nearly got my plate clean for that.
The roast turkey as my main course. The vegetables looked good but tasted hard. the sutffing and pigs in blankets was nice :)
As everyone was eating theirs, it was nice to see some enjoyment, maybe some silence too but others had chicken and mushrooms which looked even better than what i had, i did ask for horseradish and it was nice, i didn't overdose it but i knew it was nice. It was also interesting when grandad said about how nice the George was yesterday, they had a selfie with a Czech  member of staff, i kept my mouth quiet about Josie and how i like her and even though shes moved in and all, there might be a chance, but they don't need to know about that. 

Then it was waiting for deserts, now this was a short time and even though there was confusion on who was having what, i even forgot that i was going to be having something (the menu was pre ordered weeks ago), but it turns out i had 2 chocolate brownies which were delish. The presentation was good, although grandad was unsure about why it was. The strawberry topping was a good look, maybe with seductiveness but if i was on a date, it would help the mood so much more. My mums and sisters were nice too, Bread and Butter pudding as well as a triple choc stack it was called. 
The chocolate bronwies with mini raspberries and strawberry sauce, it tasted strawberryish anyway

My mums bread and butter pudding

My sisters triple stack chocolate with custard

The tasty sweet food was nice and everyone enjoyed theirs, some were too full from earlier to eat any more and offered some to others, i was one of them but Christmas pudding with brandy isn't a thing i say yes to at all. But then it was more chatter and then time to end up having a tea and coffee, for most, it was either another beer or tea. Me and an auntie went for black coffee, granddad was surprised i don't drink milk since he said its in the marker genes, but my mum explained a bit of that (i had an illness at 1 year (a chav mother would say 12 months old) on a train to London and it was the start of my lactose intolerance which i still stick with to be safe (like staying off booze). But the coffee was hot so i used teaspoons for a while then i drank it, it felt like back in august where coffee was the thing that helped me stay up for 45 hours straight.
The coffee and biscuit, its been a month since i last drank some. I gotta not get addicted like i have with fapping about feeding recently. 
This was another short amount of time and by 2:30, it was time everyone left back to our house to get the presents done. Which after th family sorted out payment and letting someone pay since they felt bad about not paying for it last year, it was a wait in the car while my dad was visiting a old best friend from his ashed remains, he still misses him that is clear. Also this greenish car was rushing us as we were turning and waiting for dad to return. Then we drove back the main road way, with lidl shut and the rain pouring on the main road, Tavistock was dead on Boxing day. Then we got home...

An afternoon of exciting gifting. 

Arriving at a time one of the other cars was reversing into the drive, which my sister managed to park in the same place as before when she left for the pub. We all got out and then some chatter about how the car was then i walked in and opened the door and started to prep the house again. Then i helped put the presents by the TV, which was soon ready to be handed out to people (by me alone) and the joy of happiness with suprises was ready to start after everyone was ready. 
The gifts in bags and ready to be handed out. 

Now this was a long time, with many cards, heavy gift bags, giftcards, scarves, nature ideas, heck even a £20 vue giftcard for my parents. The presents and excitement were alot of fun, Rosie (that infamous puppy that forced my hand to replace cables) was excited but then was occupied by a chew and even liked my cousin alot. It was about an hour the time was taking to be a mini santa. But although some presents don't look big, they can mean more value than meets the eye.
A nice amazon gift card. Which i know might be useful for later

A nice amount of money and a dartmoor cycles voucher, this was actually because one time a pedal fell of my bike during a dark cycle back from plymouth and it ended up replaced. 
It was nice of various memebers to do that and i thanked them, since the money can pay off Glass or buy me a paysite membership or even pay for a present for someone i could win over and finally get a new years resolution come true, or just pay for a kiss. But soon afterwards it was a mini buffet to enjoy. 

A buffet of talk and taste

Now this was taking a while longer than my mum was hoping to get cooked, with the fire alarm going off and even the dog getting excited and spilling teas on jackets. But then it was nice to talk, the topics were interesting, from my works and the rent and ceiling as well as flats that stank of rice and asian food which is being knocked down, to even Plymouth and the plans for that. here a quote people might not like "if there is one ugly city i've ever been to, its Plymouth" which was related to the fact the city was redeveloped after WWII. This was after the mention of the fact bretonside was bought by the owners of Drake circus who want to build on top and the old carpark which is now demolished partly is to be a bus/coach station. But it needs redevelopment was the hint of the talk. 

Partway through, i checked on the buffet to see how it was going: 
A blurred view of the buffet

Then there was the talk of Rocksalt and how my sister saw prozzies nearby, lucky i didn't mention anything about my experience of me and that guy from Torquay walking near there at 3am, which if i was near rocksalt, i would of had the first kiss the way i wanted it in a realistic view and not with someone that wanted to forget that night when a first kiss is still an important goal in my life complete. I didn't mention about a beautiful friend that even chelsie recommended i should get with works there, but jades not single so there is no point. 

But then it was ready and the buffet feasting could begin, i had some ham and bread rolls an cocktail sausages as well as thousand island, which was tasty but maybe more filling than it should of been. 
The main plate of peppers, sausages, sausage rolls, crisps and more. 

All events come to an end

But time was ticking towards 5pm and the end of the gathering was near, Everyone thanked everyone and plans for nights out were being made with some and we all said our goodbyes. Which was a nice smooth ending and went better than we thought, or at least mum and dad did anyway.

Then it was just some tidying up then walking the dog which gave me and my sister some free time, which i started typing this up while setting up frozen. Which it seems WiiMC can't handle 360p at a 1.2mbits bitrate from a usb stick, handbrake to the rescue to convert it to 1mb and it worked and then it ended up just watching the "Let it go" part then we changed to the interview again, my sister was liking the jokes but by this time, the parents and rosie were home. We all relaxed and watched it to the full end and it was ok, its fair why it was going to cause terrorism but Seth and Flacco did a good job.

Shortly after that, it was the Avengers on BBC1, a very rare clause since the rules i heard last were its 3 years before FTA TV can broadcast films after inital release date, maybe Disney changed it, but it was amazing as per. Then i was also snapchating Tash while watching it, shes is just a cutie but i'll never get the chance to hug her before she gyms it in cardiff. But its nice to chat to her when i get lucky to.
Yay its on TV

She loved it

it sure is great

She loves it more

she was bored, so i offered her a way to  make her unbored 

She replies how

Theres always a way to be unbored, but it ended after here

The it was nearing 10:30 and after raving to music and then watching the final of Tomorrow Never Dies on ITV 2, it was the end of the night. Well with this to type up and a busy day hopefully at work tomorrow, i has to catch up.

And there is my Christmas spirit shown for this year, it felt nice, useful gifts, a bit of loneliness, a different pub and now its back to normal for the final 5 days of the year. With lots to review and hopefully a music video as well as a final few chapters of an old short story to finish off recording, i have a bit planned, sure i wish i could be cuddling charley, kissing Emma and making her food dreams come true and fall in love again, maybe having a netflix night with Sophie or even just having a buffet with perri before she leaves for London but it might be too late for any of that now.

Hope your boxing day and Christmas have been the nice last moment of this shit depressing year, but before i go, enjoy a song i've found awesome recently, i'll be honest and say Immobius makes pretty decent music with fist pumping beats from shows and games i like alot.

See you for a year in review