Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A festive finale of gifts

Well, its that time of year again , with the season in full swing, work busy with ordering and Amazon posting, heck 16 items a day, the wow of ordering online with even suppliers out of stock before sending an order to us. It was that final chance to make the effort, sure alot has saddened and changed this year but i hope that this time i can make the effort and it might even make it nice to finally even get the chance to win a girls heart.

But this time there is a fun twist to the usual, i was passing by a shelf in my local post office and i noticed something interesting, a Santa outfit, now this was going to be an idea of "i could dress up as santa and deliver the presents as well as buy them. The suit was £7 and also i was enticed since a sexy friend of mine was making christmas cards for her new store, i thought i would order those as well, its no harm in trying for a £5. I ordered from her shop and last friday the cards arrived. They do look splendid.
The envelope as it arrived in work last week

The envelopes and cards inside, along with business cards and a sweet lollipop

Then there was the santa outfit to buy, now i was really in luck since i bought the last one in stock for men on Friday after work, £6.99 but this might be worth it, i've not even tried it on until today, since i was keeping this really quiet, no snapchats leaked either..
The Santa outfit
This begins my journey which i had been thinking about for a few months. now i did already spend one present already on a dearest slim princess with a greedy appetite and a shyness but nearly man hating miss swain but that was a job almost shouting down "PAPA LEMA 19" down the phone to verify my virgin card since the member of staff was in a language barrier accent, but in all seriousness, she was helpful and was ok to deliver it across the street. You can't beat prezzo for that service :).

There was even going to be a delivery from disney to my best friend but the postal blockage in the UK is a bit scary, i'm also partly to blame for that (amazon orders are nuts). I woke up in the morning, maybe not fresh but with a puppy howling and luckily i had chance to leave by myself, since i had to go today, just skipping it was NOT an option, since a visit i did weeks ago was to be sort of repeated but forgetfulness in passwords was the fun in that.

Now it was a early morning and by half 8, i was up, after a fap and then had a nice shower then after some rowdyness with the dog with getting the bike out, it was time to leave. With spirits held high i was off on a long bike ride for another day of shopping. By this point, the vlog had begun

Not much i can say apart from the outfit was getting muddy, i had at least 5 cars honk or beep at me as i was on my travels, Luckily it didn't rain on the way there, I got in at around 11:10 which is 2 hours earlier than usual, It was well worth it my feeling is. After having to prepp up and clean up in the toilets, (muck and i needed a P) i decided to wander the shopping centre of Plymouth and see what offers i could get before deciding to start on what presents to buy. Also popping into primark for jeans was meh, i did see miss Mitchell but she didn't take notice, then again it was different with me in a santa outfit.
Resting the bike just as i got to Town
Going up the stairs while checking for the items to buy for presents
A view of Drake's Circus #throughglass
Exploring the town offered many things, Poundland was hetic and some shops were different looking and no sign of a beautiful girl in Bank. But my first quest was my best friends present, Which was actually going to be a Disney Product but i've read the delivery was not going to happen. So i read that Build a bear offer it. I walked in and decided to go and purchase it, it was nice with the service in there, really nice staff and the value is reasonable. I mean they even let me choose a scent for Olaf.

Pushing the Pedal Down to fluff up olaf

Choosing a heart, sometimes i wish it was easy to do this in reality

Getting Olaf made cost me £21.50 in the end, since it was £19 for him and £2.50 to make him smell like strawberrys, But when me and the sales rep were chatting, she was interested in Glass but mostly asked about the Sanata outfit. Then i left the workshop and headed out to purchase my next item.

Now i had a piece of more time to kill with the Sweet shop temporary closing for an hour, i wandered down the lower part of Town, with the market traders in swing and some good deals on games from Naughty bear for a £10 to even a PSVita for £69.99. I didn't see Eloise which is a sigh.
Walking down to the market
Then it was a walk into more stores and found out there was a frogger 2 and a sequel to 40 Winks with older characters, that was £5 - £10 each. But as i progressed on to the Sony Store, with more than 40" TVs in the shop, (so basically there was not any tvs under 32"), i was smiling at the range. But then i walked on to the sweet shop, which was open and i explored, sadly there wasn't enough of what i wanted and i was even tempted to buy some BBQ sauce on top of the olaf. After walking around, it was time to find other presents instead. Now lucky i noticed something interesting. A thortons with special offers, oh and as i walked past, the sights a german food stall were good too.
The German food stall
 Now as i browsed and notices  3 for 2 offer, which in total 3 different chocolates totalled up to £20. Some of them suit the personalities of the girls. Jess with her sophistication of wanting to celebrate, Emily as a queen and Emma opened my heart. It was nice with friendly staff and customers.
The thortons i bought for Emma, Jess and Emily

Then it was time, but before i had to buy the main present, it was a quick gift to get for my sister, she wanted a car holder so i looked in halfords and i found them for £10, a good value one with a charger included. Buying that was a quick £10, i have £30 left for her in all honesty, but thats for later on.
The phone holder for my sister for £10. includes a micro usb cable and a charger. 
Then it was time to get the gift cards, which took a big of a mini quest, since 3 stores were out of them and queues were everywhere, both clinton cards were out, the card factory was also never selling them and then the big chain sold them, Tesco, with a Pizza hut and B&Q voucher, those came to £45, but before that, i was exploring and noticed another card shop with a funny meme that many of you might know me for.
People that like big butts cannot lie ;P
As i was walking to tesco
Getting the Gift cards from Tesco, Pizza Hut for Emily and B&Q for Dad/Father. 
The 1st time i went in tesco i did see orion who was busy on a call to someone, but the 2nd time it wasn't anyone i knew of. But the queue was about a 5 minute wait, which was not to bad at all. But after this, it was time for one last purchase, the gift bags. Now i went to my favourite store or more so the store Pete shown me and then i decided to purchase some decent bags. 4 bags for £4.50. Maybe not too bad, but one was a big one.
One Big bag for Charley

One bottle based bag for miss Jess

And two of the same bags for 2 special girls :)
Then after that, it was time for the writing of the cards and deliverance, Which was needed since it took a while to get it. But before i did that, i decided to purchase something i saw and looked amazing. A Playstation One Wallet, now that was a pretty good buy for £13. While in the queue, one of the staff asked me how glass was, i told him what i knew and he said i'm defiantly interested of getting it. Then as i purchased it, i let the customer next to me get loyalty points from me buying it. I think that was another good deed of ramdom kindness.
The Playstation Wallet
Then while changing wallets and writing cards out, i did have a undercover cop warn me that people were staring and looking to grab that money, i was rushing to get the presents and wallet sorted. But after about 30 minutes, it was sorted and i was ready to deliver, with notes of when i missed you and hoping to see them next year. I was a bit cheesy with the cards notes but its making the effort that counts.
The cards, giftbags and gifts to sort and make ready to deliver. 
Now i tried to deliver to emily, it wasn't that easy the first time, since she was busy but she looked amazing. I browsed at some tablets and phones, a chap was asking if i needed anything, i tested an xperia and the launcher had a PS4 feel to it for sure, Then i walked out to deliver to charley, now with that amazing girl i popped her new friend over to her work, with 2 staff in the entrance and one said "oh its santa", i played along and said "santa has something for a girl that works here, charley". He took it from me and said he would give it to her, which worked a treat, i thanked both and said merry christmas, I made my leave and wondered over to deliver Emily again, luckily she was free and when i gave it to her and said Merry Christmas she was a bit taken back, since that is the first time we have spoke to each other ever, she said "ohh thank you", then she instantly gave it to her colleauge, then she and her opened the bag up. Well, hopefully something might work in the future but at least i heard her voice which was nice. By around this time, i was also in a selfie with a selfie stick with a guy just outside a store next to emily's. 

Then it ended up me walking around some more and finally at around 3:30 i started to make my leave, but as i unlocked my bike, i had 2 girls come up to me and offer me a oassis drink, which tasted nice, and then it was the GPS to lock on 
Just before i left

The free oasis i got for just being santa
The ride to Mcdonalds was not too bad a one, sure it was busier with cars.

Nearing Mutley and the weather forecast


 but i made it and then parked the bike just outside, then it was some kids staring with glee then i walked in and a pretty tall nice girl served me and i said "could you give these to Jess for me", it was fun having to describe her just to make sure its the right one, heck that mistake is a pain if i get it wrong, but she did then a guy next to her took it and was going to hand it to her. Then i walked out and got on the bike and headed out to the next place. This was ok until something bad happened. 

Whizzing on a bus lane, by fast blurred shots
As i was nearing the George, the pedals were getting stiff and then it turns out the chain was caught up with the decomposing in stitches santa trousers, that was at least 20 minutes to fix, with the help of a passer by guiding me, she said she liked the santa outfit too and then i was meant to be at a house by 4:30 but i finished up getting there at 4:33. He didn't mind, but what was meant to be a simple job is never simple. 

So i got in, we got the PC turned on, i got it booted from the USB and BAM, a kernel panic which no many how many bios settings i changed, i had no luck, and with the only admin account on the PC the one with the lost password, its never a simple fix, so after about 40 minutes of trying, i had to give up, then i left and it turns out it had been raining, which was even worse. 

Then the cycle ride was a intense race in the dark, cars blitzing past me, no light source without a risk of falling off, Horses blocking the path between Yelverton and Horrabridge, i chanted and shouted out loud "DON'T MESS ABOUT, FOCUS" which was hard but the solar powerbank was a ok but meh torch, ok for walking maybe but not for wide area light. 

Eventually i got home about 6:50, which was a bit of a drawback but also ideal since tea was just around the corner, it was amazing irony, the family laughed when they realised i had been dressed as Santa, Rosie jumped up and all, but then it was change and a nice fried tea
For tonight, Fish Fingers, Waffles, Poached Eggs, Lettuce, crisps, mayo and mango chutney
And there we have it, the final trip into Plymouth this year and hopefully something that might finally get me somewhere and maybe even fall in love again or have my hearts dreams make or break, but now its time to reflect and review a year, but that won't be for a week or so since christmas events are yet to come.