Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A new route on a boring January day

Well, with January being quiet and working while scheming my life up for this year and also learning that the people i would of wished alot to be with are slimming down and settling up. Also i was dealing with a diahorrea thing during last week after some raw chicken the week before. Then there was the start of a new series where i walk the puppy.

Oh and i bought a tablet which is more powerful than i thought and is amazing for under £120 (inc P&P & customs) as well as a mifi dongle

But with all that done, it was another bike ride, and this time, i decided to try a different route #throughglass. Since it turns out a easier route to get to the path between clearbrook and Plymbridge was made and it was actually really smooth to cycle on.

Now i woke up, especially with the fact that the cat was sleeping with me last night and i did manage to fap, it was over a former big cuties who reminds me of taylor in a way. But then it was time to check the e-mails and get the bike ready, it was acutally mucky from last year, but by 10:15,i left and took a slightly different route which was only recently opened .

It took me an extra 20 minutes to get to Drake's Circus, but it felt slightly faster.
Nearing Clearbrook

The bike wanted a selfie

its quite cloudy

at the bottom end of clearbrook

A new sign pointing to the new route

The main sign of the new route

Nearing the place where i used to get on to the path, by risking my life on a small lane

Nearing Bickleigh

Entering Plymbridge Woods

A blurred passing of a sign relating to the off path cycle trails

Some well known ruins in the woods

A silver eagle statue

Yay, i'm at the flyover, well near the mcdonalds near the flyover

I finally got into town at 12:06, i had to go around Drake's Circus

The route that the GPS takes

Some stats and the average speed when moving is about 10mph.

As i got in, i realised the key to one of my locks had snapped which sucks, but i walked over to the toilets and cleaned up then explored the city centre as the normal. Not much happened, so a quick list will help.

  • Primark had some jeans for £9, tempting but £9 was not really worth it.
  • Jack Wills has closed and already someone was moving in
  • The apple store was ok, sure i saw a review of FCP from someone who worked on one of the Happy Potter Films on the app store. 
  • Game was not too bad, lol with Saints Row IV Re-elected and Gat out of hell bundle, then gat out of hell on PS3 too. 
  • Town felt quiet
  • No luck with any Jack Daniels BBQ sauce but i did see a Heart Shaped Resses Peanut butter, maybe a sophie and emma valentines idea. 
  • The casino was quiet, no blackjack and staff gossiping over the roulette table
  • I saw Ellie Temps while in bank just as she left, i was going to say hi, but shes taken and she probably wouldn't talk to me. Also bank has shit/really poor stock liquidation sales (20% is not a closing down sale discount)
  • Time was slower than usual
  • It didn't rain
  • I browsed a peco layout book in Antics, alot of customers have told me about that place, that was quiet although a bbw was nice in there but with a guy.
  • Debenhams was odd when i was looking for those geeky gift idea that were in a place when i was there in December.
  • CEX actually have overpriced items, for example a xbox one controller new is £44.99 RRP (we legit sell that in work thanks to westcoast) but the price of one in there was £40. A £5 difference is not worth using. Also expensive graphics cards but ok-ish value on processors.
  • The GT 740 was reduced in maplins but the RRP for a 1GB one is £84.99 (asus) and in computerbase the same GT card (zotac branded is the same price for a 2GB model.
  • Elgatos were £85 pre-owned and £130 new. a major difference for a boxed item. 
  • HMV don't have many games anymore
  • I saw one of my favourite snacks i used to eat 5 years ago in a premier near the market.
  • A 20% off sale in Sony Store with headphones but none under £20 :/. 
Then i wondered up to the hoe and it was really calm and quiet, i mean it was still oceans, dogs walking and running but not barking, not much chatter. I relaxed up there for a bit

The place was calm

The sun was trying to pass through

IT was quite nice for 2:46 in the afternoon

Then i wandered back into town, more shop browsing and then i ended up getting a headset, for £5.99, which wasn't a foam material also it was a chinese brand too.
This will help with me on twitch

The back of the packaging

Then it was time to cycle back, no i went the usual way, which wasn't too bad even with the more traffic jams on the road as well as the lights not in my favour. But i managed to get home in under 2 hours, which is a new record.
Leaving for home

Whizzing past mutlet

One the outskirts of Plymouth

The route back

A bit slower on average this time
Then it was almost raining as i got to Yelverton and then it was home by 5:30 and a hot shower helped me but i think it gave me chills.

Well that is a day of scenes and boring browsing.

More blogposts soon