Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Stormy Tinder Catch up

Its been over 11 days since this year has been started, with work being the same busy mix quiet mix knackering time yet there were chances of being productive and also other things going on like the massive storms, a music and internet pioneer dying, new plans to make money hopefully going in progress it was time to make the focus on a catch up since its bugging me i've had no videos or blogposts up recently.

Well the times have got me down since i've had a cold, which has been making me feel low and also making my fapping go a bit less happy and also there has been the recent flooding which has made it tricky to do anything interesting.

First off i've been playing a game called Super Win The Game, now i was supposed to be streaming Sonic Lost World but since I wanted to finish off Wipeout 2048 on twitch and my desktop is not working due to some RAM i had to send back to Corsair on the 4th which they haven't even told me its arrived let alone me having a signature of the package. Bit of a shame but It might be time to get a new PC and maybe build it in a video.

Sending off my first RMA to Corsair, i've had nothing back yet :.

I'm starting to play this on steam a bit recently. 
Watch live video from omracer6 on

Now it was also getting extremely stormy with the weather, only 2 days i've not actually felt rain on my clothes since 2016 has started, which is a major shame, flooding has been around for a while and is still a big problem, especially up north and also somerset.

The River was extremely high after working last weekend

But then it was something to fix Google Glass which was long overdue but some Krylon Looking Glass Spray paint was the answer and a spray on some newspaper and good old fashioned painting, it worked fine, much cleared with the prism in the daylight, using it is much easier now and i've got enough to last me a while if it happens again. 

Krylon Looking Glass Paint, expensive

But it does fix the problem I had with glass and much clearer to see in the day. 

Then the last thing is, i Deleted match since it wasn't working and since Swaggy, some people on Reddit and Sandy along with his new lover, Gracie (not the one i had my date with) wanted me to do, Sign up to Tinder. Now Tinder is a bit of a loose hook, ok sure its easy to use eventually, but its a bit of a pisstake that is needs FB to work, which also it doesn't allow you to upload pics unless its through the site and also it makes  it hard to describe yourself within 500 words. But I did mention the clear facts that i'm a FA (likes the larger ladies) and a Feeder so theres so "eugh" surprise that they feel. 

A snap of the Tinder Profile,

So, with that eventually set up and pics, it was time to get to learn the basics, swipe left to say "nope" and pass on that lady, Swipe up to super like said lady, which is really good for someone that I've fallen with before or really like but don't like me back even though this won't change stats. Then there the main on, Swipe right to like them, which doesn't show much at first but if the person does it to you, then you match and you can chat to each other and real life romance is a possibility, which for me has only been one match, and thats with a girl i've seen irl in jesters once and completely adored at her figure, i'm sorta friends with a friend of hers which might be a good thing. 

But i've messaged her and we hope to see something more, but Feabie has been good too with some more messages, i've bought food for someone I actually have on Snapchat and also maybe a meetup might be in the works, but my luck is going to be a nope. 

Well thats basically they way its going, more blogposts and vlogs and reviews soon