Thursday, 28 January 2016

A first cycle in ok weather

Well, with the last Thursday of January now starting, and the weather for a change actually looked good. This is a good time to have a proper first cycle out. Even though my iPhone was having touch issues, I wasn't worried since I now have the Paris which can do 720p recording after a bit of tweaking and OpenCamera to install. The vlog is below:

So this was a nice morning, waking up at 8:55 (which on work days I would be rushing since i'm supposed to be down there by 9am even though i did add later opening times on the site to make it easier for me). But since I was up early, I got everything I needed on charge and the usual wake up prep, but that was after some snapchatting and fapping too.

A snapchat of me just about to wake up ish

Then once I was up and it was time to clear glass since even the old Christmas pics were on there as well as dogwalking pics and even a double rainbow shot I took with it.

A double rainbow, you can faintly see the second one
But anyway, once that was done, the sun was shining through some gray clouds and I got the bike out and by 10am ish i was out the door. The journey was quite good and clear sky but cold winds, I felt freezing in some points but this guy wears a jumper with no shirt underneath. It was good weather for most of the 1 hour, 51 minutes anyway.

A glass selfie

Cycling on

This hill is still hard

A new sign i've been passing by

I finally parked

Eventually I arrived to drake circus, went toilet, but I saw/walked past liv on the way. That was a nice refreshing toilet break. Soon after that I went down stairs and spoke to 3 to ponder on a cheap contract but the closest phone plan to freedompop was £8 a month and that was after a discount of £4 for 3 months which is like nah. Then a walk to primark and some jeans for a £5 to buy later on when we come back.

Then I walked over to outside of Drake's Circus, seeing Emily working and HMV only had next gen games. As i walked into EE to try to get my sim replaced since its taken a week since I ordered while filming the review (which has had dislikes with it :/ for reasons). But all the female reps were there, those slim ones most guys would not bother listening in since they would have physical attraction to. Eventually someone came to speak to me and after another wait, it turned out that it had not been allowed when I ordered from the site but she got me a nano sim with the adapter and fitted it and it worked. she was a bit meh about freedompop and their plan. Then it was time to explore town.

Game had nothing much in, the town was quite packed with shoppers passing by and also I noticed Miss selfridges has closed, then it reminded me of Sammy but shes long gone now really. Then it came to the sundial and I was about to be asked for donating to those charity things, I nodded for a Nope and that was that.

Then i strolled into Poundworld, with a good look around mostly, but I saw some deals with bluetooth adapters, £1 which is ideal for getting the PS3 controller working with the onda wireless more to use as a kodi box ish. Then I noticed a Selfie stick remote, a bluetooth remote which would work to take selfies, aka turn a selfie stick in a remote one for £1, ideal. The final item from here was a 3 way adapter, which was perfect for a cleaner socket look for the hallway. In total it was £3.

The items I have bought

Then it was time to explore the bottom part of town which as I walked down towards the Market, I passed Poundland, I explored there with Aloe Vera juice along with not much choice in electronics as per usual. But I left there and headed down further, into the market itself. Which was quite busy and also some ps1 games looked ideal. But then it was out of the market and into computerbase which there were some cool cases and also some decent mobo combos but no 1150 anymore which is interesting. Then I walked up and by Nerdz which had some offers in and it then went to me going to Wants to see if  they had any android boxes, which there was none. So I carried on my journey to the Asian Oriental supermarket and it was nice and people around as i also noticed the crispy seaweed has dissappeared and then it was raining as I was about to walk out, GRR i thought as i put my hoodie up and walked to the Sony Store.

Looking back towards the sony store and the market

The sony Store had nothing much, one guy was complaining about some sound quality. There was alarms going off as well, it was quite meh. But then I wondered to the US Sweet shop which was a nice bit, I was tempted to get the Hath something cans for £1.50 for 2 (buy one get one free) but I missed out and of course pop tarts tempted me but I won't buy much from there until I have a girlfriend I think to myself quite a bit, since i did buy sophie a tub or reeses which didn't give much for me or her. But then I went to maplin and explored, there was a good G3258 bundle but an ASUS motherboard is a nah from me. Then I saw a Raspberry Pi 2 for £39.99 which was tempting me but since it would of been a bit of work to get it going as a kodi box, I decided to not go for it.

The Apple store was my next port of call, which it was busy and just browsing and some guys in front of me were being chavvy but then I walked my way to the Hoe, which by this point, the weather had picked up and it was windy as usual but it was now blue sky which made it nice. People were sk8boarding and kids cycling about but I sat on a bench, got the power bank up and relaxed to keep my feet from being OTT aching. The views from where I sat were amazing but I only sat down about 15 minutes or so before leaving my way back to Town through the barbican.

The sun near the sundial
Walking towards the hoe

A lovely view through gkass

another view of the hoe

A hoe selfie

Another view

The sea looks off colour

Views of Tinside

A Barbican view
A new brochure for a Asian supermarket thats actually moving from the barbican
Eventually I got to bretonside and then back into Primark and it was time to buy those jeans, there was a mini queue but a £5 is worth it. They are just the regular 34W 30L jeans i get, which actually fit me fine as I typed this up a day later in work wearing them with a heater next to me.

The jeans from Primark

Then it was walking out of there and buying the legendary Krispy Kreme. Which luckily my sister gave me a green card for Christmas so that was put to good use, the chap tried to sell me the assorted dozen which i declined since the inside flavours were not my ideal and the original is just mmmm for me.

The box of luscious krispy kremes.
Now then there were 2 places to visit before I cycled my way home, the first was Kenroy Thompson, which had some motherboards and also a empty box of a case I actually own. But then i walked out and then made my way to Maplin one last time, since I was debating on the Pi and also if there was any android TV boxes but they were Expensive, like £99 nearly :O. But I walked out with nothing as i decided to make my leave.Then, I got going by about 4pm and the legs were tiring out and the views were getting cloudier and darker along with traffic piling up on the roads. But I managed to make it to Lidl within 1 hour and 46 minutes.

About to leave

Typical road traffic

More road 

Yelverton we reach
The dark cycle path
Then I reached lidl and it was time to get some juice, which I managed to do and after a small queue and a £1.98 purchase, I walked out with abut 2 litres of different fruit juice, A.C.E Vitamin for £0.99 and Apple Juice for £0.99 so that was nice, except the apple was leaking which is an annoyance.

The juices for £0.99 each
Then after having to think of ways to get the apple juice from not leaking the bag which it did, I got home and i found out there was a bath waiting for me. Which was ideal since my legs were knackered and it was nice to quickly catch up on the internet.

A nice bath to get home to, 

And that was that, my first vlog with the Paris and also 2nd vlog using Final Cut Pro, which explains something slightly different used but it works nicely :). More vlogs from me soon and many more reviews too I hope.