Sunday, 14 February 2016

A missing Valentine catch up

Well, this has been an eventful 2 weeks since i last left you with the shopping trick and February has been a shit month, no lie, no exaggeration and well i need to mention some things i've investigated on which might be expensive but needed to make myself go further and fuck, even quicker with having a chance with a girl, let alone if any one night stands happen in my life.

Lets start this: 

So now the 1st and the worst part of this month was Aries, she passed away, 2 weeks ago on Sunday (today). Now this was a massive shock to the family and to be honest this was just bad luck at the worst time which me and that cat have had memories in the 2.3+ years i've known her. After throwing up, she scratched and keeled over which was devastating and westmoor vets emergency was no use since 5 minutes after we called her with no advice to be given to us, she died, there was a chance that some advice could of helped her. But this was a weak heart she might of had. But it made things go downhill from there. No seriously.

From December 2013, i miss that young minx

The final sleep after she keel and passed away. 

Then phone troubles. 

It happened after this shocking event and the ulefone Paris i've had for less than 2 weeks fell in the sink while i was shaving, now this didn't fuck the phone up completely but one point of it that was REALLY important, and that was the mic at the bottom, which is needed for vlogging. 
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So I noticed this when trying to record a review of a drink which made things a nightmare. Thank something for Fufilled by Amazon which got me it for £107 (actually 87 due to a £20 gift card from Christmas) for next day delivery to work too. But its almost the same except white and silver instead of gold. Also a free phone stand which would solve most of the problem with me trying to shave with it.

The replacement Paris from Amazon, with a legit uk plug and phone stand from Kmoon. 

Getting things transferred was a pickle but i think even now i've got it working the way i want it and a small amount of pics were lost oddly enough but i don't know. Things were getting a bit stressful with getting this setup since i was busy with home visits after work that week. And i was getting Wipeout 20148 on Twitch closer to finished (not complete).

Watch live video from omracer6 on

A weekend to partly plan.

So things went ok until friday which my energy was a bit tired and watching tv with the parents and browsing on my phone, Which i find out that emily is dating, that snapped me up a little bit, which before that the dog was getting quite acting up funny which must of been when she was missing Aries, which it was less than a week she had been gone. So things turned dark but also it gave me some idea on what to plan.

Now i was googling "sex lessons Devon" since I'm really feeling i need to understand myself in that respect now that i'm pretty much and adult and although behind on alot of things. So a site called Pleasurelab was up, which was some chap in Exeter and there was a questionnaire on the site which could then help him advise people on their problems or what they want to know, But i didn't do it then since i felt like i was shriveling up and crying so i left it for a day and then Saturday it was worse when after work and i got home, i found out Sophie was moving in with her boyfriend so the feeling was lower and then it got me deciding to go Fuck it and fill the questionnaire. 

Now i might warn you, the questions and answers might be hard to understand or you might of learned something you didn't know but this will make things clearer and also taking you on a journey with me to finally catch up with the world (more locally actually) is important and also if the chap is a scamming buisness then its public and anything further falls on him, I say this since he hasn't gotten back to me and its been a week since i had sent it to him, Its a shame though.

There was also another plan put into action but That i will mention later. But there was also Major storms covering the SW of the UK and i've never seen the River Tavy go so High.

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Now on the Sunday there was a Skype call from a feabian which was nice but she was very desperate for food, since i Couldn't do it at the time, we decided to sort something out for the evening about 7pm. It came to 7pm and i sent £15 (since that is what this is mostly about) then they couldn't get the money so that ended that. But then a friend asked me for some Thai which was nice according to her and Just eat ordering was fine, until i had a phone call from the takeout place to say they had run out of vimto, so replacing it with fanta and also something else the chap asked and i said "all i got was a Facebook picture of what to order" he said "ah right" and nothing more was said. But i still haven't had any pics for that yet :/. 

A Burger Pancake Catchup

Now it comes to Pancake day, which pretty much is a vlog summing up the recent events i've mentioned and also a chance to see me pigout mostly on pancakes. Which is quite nice. But shopping for them was a decent option as well. Co-Op with its £2.69 pack of 4 Chilli and Jalapeno burgers as well as ready made pancakes for £1 or mix for £0.99. That and Peanut butter is a nice craving to go with it along with the lush Nutella which we already had from what i saw.

A butter fly i did for a stall at work before the pancake vlog

The shopping which cost me £7.93

Pancakes with burgers and peanut butter inside

A more classic Pancake

But that was a nice way to express feelings and things were getting on. Now things i've been planning will make new vlogs and hopefully interesting blogposts so look out for that.

Casual relaxing

So after that, it was quiet, playing on twitch, fapping and also having to contact Velocap about the U2 driver causing memory leaks in OBS which is a annoyance. Things looked ok on my day off. Getting closer to finishing Wipeout 2048. 

Oh and there is a Chinese that happened since of Lunar New Year and the Year of the Monkey was it too. A double rainbows happened on that afternoon.

The double Rainbow

Chinese Takeaway from Chung Ying as a way to celebrate Lunar New Year 3 days later

Then I visit work for the day after and it was a bit of a nightmare really but things worked out after a bit of knuckling down. But this was all over soon and the weekend as it is now is here. There was also 2 home visits on the Friday and Saturday which after that it was nice to have a shower :),  since I was told to since Rosie was licking my Sweat which is a meh thing.

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I've also started Playing Neko Kastume which is a nice relaxer for kitten collecting, I've only ever seen 2 cats in the yard at the same time.
Getting a new app which tumblr girls are liking at the moment

But then its time to go through these resolutions.

Now this I know i'm disappointed in myself for not getting these resolutions done and breaking one of them so lets just dip in and hope for the best as it were. 

  • Try not to fap on mornings when i have work - This has worked until recently then its been a nope and back to old habits.
  • Try to have a Holiday or have a week off from work without being called up at least for one day of it - No luck with this yet. 
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - This might work since a girl from exeter is a feabian and wouldn't mind being fed so a day out to exeter before she leaves back home since its her last semester is an idea.
  • Plan a few days out  - Might be related to above.
  • Tweet More - This is going as planned
  • Snapchat more  - Much more easier to complete, at least 2 snaps a day now :).  
  • Get into my first Relationship - Um, this is getting tricky
  • Cook for a Group of Girls - Not easy and more than likely a no go
  • Make some music Mashups -  Getting there but other needs happen
  • Play some more Steam Games and Finish at least 2. This is getting there. I've paid £150 for the codeswholesale Wordpress plugin and hence i have better access to new AAA titles if needed. 

A Missing Valentine

So there you have it, also since its Valentines Day, there would usually be a blogpost about the journey to buy gifts and or people receiving them, This year I've not done anything for it, i regret it very much which is a bad thing but since I've got expense in the plan like the thing with Kian and maybe something important to change me soon. Which hopefully might pay off. But i've not bought anything for Valentines after making the effort since 2011. Which is quite a shock for me really. 

Also my Tinder stats if anyone wants to know: 
  • 5 Matches so far, 3 Super likes and 2 liked and liked back. 
  • 2 messages, one actually replied
  • Swiping left at least 10 times a day (alot of slim and also under 18 girls on there which all this vibe of "sicko for 22 year old dating someone 5 years younger" so i avoid that) 
  • 1 match at the same time but Martha was quick to undo that. She did put professional Eater in her bio which is a decent but i used to follow on twitter but blocked me before she went up to bristol uni. 
Well its a long one but more blogposts and vlogs to come this year i hope. There is problems with Blogger not transferring over pictures properly due to picasa on life support and thats about to end in may. But enjoy a snap before i go. 

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