Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Chillaxing Sunny BBQ

So, with time passing and a week of working and uploading videos, this was of course going to be another BBQ night on the horizon, so things were going to  be good. the vlog for this is below

This past week

Now, work has been quiet until the Friday when big hornby orders arrive, with help of our neighbour, we both battled the display of what I was in control of and got it looking strong. That and usual IT advice along with getting that gigabyte board RMA within 2 weeks due to a pin problem with the build. But then it was the final hour and a last minute buying of a frisbee for a neighbour I'm supposed to help cover for and a accounting issue, I was off on time according to a cleaner for the landlord which is a change.

The Quick prep

I walked out and checked freedompop, well my new month started and now I can have voicemail and data rollover for £2.48 per month makes life easier and cheaper in the long run. Then topping up some money to my card before calling swaggy and asking if tonight was still on, he tweeted me to call him when I was leaving and the weather was better. After that call, I was running home and towards monksmead my ankles were stinging like a bee, but I made it by 5:04. Then I was about to go shower when my parents got home and then I showered and made sure glass and the shoes were on charge. E-mail checking and code price downloading was an idea to be done.

By 5:35 I was running faster than legs could go and it was a case of the bus right behind me (running on the road to be quick) and I managed to get the bus to stop and get on it for £4.90. This guy said "Sorry the bus is full" as a joke while I was standing there, trying to end my Google fit record, which I forgot to turn high accuracy on which fucks up the GPS route. Then my journey was cooling down yet peaceful and we got to woolwell in just 20 minutes or so.

The Shopping

Then by outland road, my ride ends, I get off then start to get to mutley, I ran to the Tesco.  it was getting sunny, but I got in and stared to look for deals, which basically had some good ones. in total it came to 10.42. kerbabs, a BBQ started set, rolls and waffles. then I ran to Jake's, there was this hot bbw wth soft arma and round.

The Sun in the clouds, just by Morrisons

The £10.42 of BBQ food. £5 for the bag, £2.50 for the Kebabs, £1 for tango, £0.8 for 6 waffles and £0,19 for Wholemeal Rolls

A Welcome to a tiny BBQ

I got there and, it was pretty hyped and we then started chatting funny stuff, like why the fuck I didn't answer the phone 4 times when I was up Tesco and then the BBQ was hot, The excitement of meeting a girl from Bodmin. Soon,we got the new food stacked up and I took a sip and then we got music on and started to rave a bit.

The range of food on the table
Then we had the conversation about the 10 measuring many years ago which part of me doesn't even legit remember, but it was a woodlands trip. soon we were to walk to the house and it was nice to see this cute ginger white Kitten and nath fed her a bit of his double waffle burger.

That double waffle burger

That lamb and Mint kerbab stick

A bit of a chillax in The House

As we were walking to the house, I realized there was the penguin lounge where and old friend works. But like then the bridge had some cute (attractive for normal people) to girls walk past and one reminded me of another friend I've not seen since a few years ago, seeing Pete skurry off  to see  some senoritas and we got to the house.  then we chilled in Nathan's room , listen ing to sounds like Mike g and the  she was like unsure of where to get here and was like unsure to even get to there then more chilling AF what's app hassle. We were waiting for Swaggy's Cornish lass to get here and meet her then she gets changed and has a night out. Then we heard them pop in, she never even bothered to say hi to us, well she's a but on the wannabe #state side of things for tonight but she didn't like him watching smackdown from what we heard later on.

The BBQ returning

Eventually after talking about ordering pc parts and also various videos on yt, we all left to get some bits, well that was the goal, so to Tesco it was. As was leaning in a car outside the house and close to falling in, we all waited for nath. I tried to jump over the wall but it was a struggle to climb on affair and we all caught up on various bits and headed back to Jake's, which then we got the food going, the lights on the shoes were flashy.

A pic of the lights

That pic was taken by jake and makes this look semi Pro

The talks got a bit deeper and it was a maybe rant on the dumb logix of dual sim phones, battery saving and comparing tiring data off go Turing on electricity when  it's not needed, speaking of which the twipple problem of photos not loading is a bit of a odd fallacy which I might have to solve. the BBQ was still going aa well. Slagging off FreedomPop was the key point in this.

A view of the moon why this was going on
Dancing and chat about girls was next up, but going for every opportunity you get offered is not always a good thing with girls, from what I was working out with the problems I heard. But 9 people in a tent doing that jiggy is pretty nuts years ago, But then it was also talk about kian and what I could learn from him for the same price as Gracie and they mentioned circumcisions which all 3 agrees it might need to be done, but I do have money to save up before choosing that life change or a second date. I did show them a camgirl that's local and she reminds me of Eloise and they did see it, which means I'm not that crazy. Also there was this black cat that kept walking along the patio fence and this kitten staring at us from a flat opposite where we were.

The rolling gag of the night was the data saving jokes before dancing and doing the suck it move, I only did that on snapchat to pete I think, but he was like OMG back at his pre drinks with those Spanish seƱoritas. Time was draining quickly and it was nearing that last 20 minutes and the night felt just like a predrinks but no booze, which is tempting  but the consequences of a night out with glass last time was a no go, let alone the run home or up all night arguments.

A Cold, Bright Ending

Then it was 22:50 and I downed some tango and chucked if in a big as I left and made my way home, to the bus stop it was. I ran up that hill and this couple loved the "disco shoes" I had on which was good.Then i went to whetherspoons for the toilet and when i was in there this chap did a Mr Bean style grin at me which is nervy or I could die moment, but I walked out and then 2 minutes later the bus was there and I got on it, this time it was a quiet ride home, with no problems and I was back in Tavi by 23:48 which was good.

Then I ran home, with a bit of breathlessness and cold arms, the fog was picking up but i was home shortly after midnight and then it was sleepies for roise after a quick greeting and then some typing up and bed for me.

Then that is the 2nd BBQ vlog out the way, with bits here and there and more videos to be made soon, I'm making sure I won't forget the internet.