Friday, 27 May 2016

A Mount Cycle Day Out

So then, its another sunny day in the last few days of march and with the working life picking up and my first full 7 days straight of the year (with a Garden festival on my normal weekend off), it was time to get one last thing done before this month ends, a trip to Plymouth.

Now for a change, I decided i would go to a place i've not been for years and also never vlogged before, Mount Edgcumbe. Which is basically on the opposite side where Royal William Yard is, its peaceful and now its going to be explored and maybe a lunch or picnic but let see what happens.

Now this was a fresh morning, awake eye wise by 7:30 after caining a video on the ONDA V919 Air Ch last night which is shitlong overdue which i'm sorry for and after internet checking and fapping, i was up by 8:50.Then it was a case of getting a shower and freshening up, since the weather was LUSH and really hot so this was a good day for it. The shower was about 20 minutes then a bit of typing and by 9:45, i was off to cycle the usual route, in shorts as well as new earphones which are pretty good :). Well for £9 or so, its nice to have waterproof ones.

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The Bike before leaving

Grenofen Tunnel

The last bit before Horrabridge

The route gets sunny 

Passing the George

Passing Central Park

Eventually after a tiring  but nice and breezy journey, we stopped by the Sundial and parked up, since it was a good time to pick up a budget picnic, which I chose a chicken salad sandwich and both flavours of that beloved Aloe Vera juice. the queue was shorter than I would of imagined and shortly after that I was on my way to the ferry.

The picnic from Poundland for £2
Getting on the road to union street

The turning to where we are meant to go

The ferry is upon us

Now after a 11 min road cycle, I got to the ferry, which it actually was there and I parked the bike by a lamppost and got on, I was looking for an outdoor seat which only one by where i got on, so sitting there and got the £1.50 fare ready. The water looked OK , the sun was nice and the breeze was not as strong as that short journey to cross county would be like.

A view of Royal William Yard #throughglass

beautiful views 

Then I got off and greeted by a welcome to Cornwall sign, which then the crowd started walking to the gates of mount edgcumbe . Which then I walled to the left path and pretty much started following it around and passing many sights. Like gardens until...

The Gardens most beautiful part

Mini forts and tall trees
I was at a point where I remembered being there 7 years ago almost. It was the induction day at crappycityplym and the activities were set there, some involves relay and some involved building a raft and I was swimming in that ocean of that plymouth sound which was tiring but nice. The view looked much better know then it did then, but I was in a bad time of life having to realise I've lost abbey and that point where I tried to give up on love which feelings could never let me do that, now I feel like I have but there is also something in the back of my mind to say otherwise.

This beach from 7 years ago, memories

Another look at the beach
We carried on to more gardens which had a pond and a theatre nearby. Then the walk less presentable but more classic south west coast path, which following it's twists, hills, stairs and signs, it got me walking for 50 minutes before finding this amazing spot in the sun.

A mini man Cave

The Grass full of bird poo along with a pond with birds
The Gate leading to a stone house thing

Just coming out of steep steps

An amazing View of Plymouth 

The construction site for a bench area in a rubble templeesque building 

It was like a mini paradise view, sadly I mean like since there were hedges around straight in front of the bench I was sitting at. By this point, it was 1:22 and I felt it was time for lunch, so I got the sandwich, power bank and the original aloe Vera juice  and admired the view.
The view I had from the bench I sat on
A selfie

The juice, sandwich and power bank

The Bench I was sat on

It was a time to relax and catch up on the blog and snapchat and install pics so far, even though FreedomPop reset my plan due to me using my main bank card to get or authorized a £2.48 per month payment for the voicemail and data rollover. But by 2:10 I was ready to leave. but the signal was gone so no time to upload things. Now the way back was quicker, I couldn't run it so speed walking which was still fast. more view and the  a tiny snake was staring at me which made me walk a bit faster again. Eventually I got to the gardens and the ferry was here. I managed to speedwalk it back and get the ferry and by 15:10 I was back on Devon and cycled to town to kip half hour or so before heading back.

The view while more construction work was taking place

Another View of the Sound

That scary snake lurking around

A runin

Canons and benches #throughglass

The ferry as i got back, kind of on time to be fair

The sea

A view of the belle itself

We landed back, it was low tide there

I got to the usual parking place by Drake's Circus then I went to go toilet, there was an idea for buying a late 21st Krispy Kreme for Ashleigh and deliver it to her, but shes hitched up so that was a dead idea. Then I walked out and primark was my first visit, there was amazing sized ladies i was passing but no reduced jeans, so my next place was Game, CEX and Maplin. Which neither had good stuff except for maplin with a G3258, 8GB, Asus H18m-Plus bundle for £136 as a clearance which was tempting but nah. But then it was nearing 4:15 and I cycled back home.

Parking up
The route was tiring and even though the first half was nice, the second half was seriously knackering then the third half was a bit better minus the problem with my eyes starting to sting. But the clouds were going greyer and this was meaning a storm.
The point i was leaving

Up mutley

Now things get tricky with passing Farmfoods

The last cycle path before getting into Tavi

But just as i got back home, it started pouring it down with rain. So that was a nice day ending up, Also there was a bit of sunburn on my arms which was painful at mini bits. Which this ends the blogpost, with more events coming soon, there will be more vlogs being made.