Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Bank Holiday Burrator Birthday Catch Up

So, this is another catch up blogpost, with some things happening only slightly at the right moments. But to be fair, that week after the Fireworks Championships was quite a busy one, and with this bank holiday now here, the last one before Christmas, it was always a good time to do a catch up with me and this month.

The POWWOW Contest

This was a unique idea that was out on top and basically the company that runs the big screen in Plymouth was hosting a contest to help showcase things to do in the city, so what did I do, i thrashed together a music video (Using Movie Studio due to OSX crashing) which was pretty fun, you can see it below by clicking the link in the tweet.

This apparently will be shown on screen until the 19th or something like that when the judging has finished. Its not going to be heartbreaking if i don't win since its more hype about me on the big screen.

Now thats out the way...

A Sunday for a birthday Walk 

Now, this was actually Rosie's 2nd birthday, yes, this dog who bites my shoe, killed my mouse and laptop lead, peeed by my door and now growls at me every day, shes reached this age. Bless her, but she got her new chew as a present which made her slightly happy except when i'm around of course. 
I woke up quite late today, well since i was up until 1am with this video and hoping it will be accepted before the competition ended at 11:59 tonight, which of course it did. 

The classic lenses while hoping it appears on the site

Now after that it was a good surprise to see a a tweet of my entry and over 5 people retweeting that, i'm impressed and fingers crossed felt it was worth the nearly 2 all nighters. But that was just after a quick 🍔🐷💦💦. 
Then it was just internet checking until a roast for lunch and then it was on my way to Burrator after browsing an auction room, there wasn't much going on decent for the bidding, except maybe an ipod and a BOSE speaker dock, then we left and that was 3:40 ish. The weather was cloudy but it was a good walk around and reresher ice lollies are nice as well, I tried pokemon go which didn't pick any stops up but goldeen was around. 

A view of the Bridge

That refresher ice lolly

a tranquil resevoir

the other side of the dam

from here it looks quite low

the birthday girl

that accuracy of the ulefone paris is a bit off maybe

Those Yam Yams

A stomry viewpoint of the moors towards Yelverton

The fog in the depths

And I got home and managed to fix the OSX on my laptop and upgraded it to 10.11 with little trouble, only got the battery manager on it to sort out now. But that is the final trip out of this intresting month of fireworks, days out and busy days at work, the bank holiday monday is my last monday before Christmas time, which is going to be fun since I have Paternity cover to deal with then. But its time to look back on those goals, with only 3 months to go before 2017 :O. 

The Goals

Lets recap and check the progress....

  • Try not to fap on mornings when i have work - Its major stress relief and keeps me happy but late for work is late for work.
  • Try to have a Holiday or have a week off from work without being called up at least for one day of it - This is too late on my end, but i've managed to get to 2 phone calls in 2 days
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - We are not close to this yet 
  • Plan a few days out  - Yes, we have done one, one is planned next month :)
  • Tweet More - I'm progressing
  • Snapchat more  - I'm smooth af on that now 
  • Get into my first Relationship -No luck, Tinder has been meh
  • Cook for a Group of Girls - Nope for this
  • Make some music Mashups - This is scrapped. 
  • Play some more Steam Games and Finish at least 2. Now, I have work on this one but I've got to upgrade the CPU or add a GPU and lose the capture card, the G3900 isn't coping anymore.
Also its been a fun month, i've spend nearly £300 incl days out, food and rent and also made the effort in small doeses. Next month will be more than what i earn with he things i need to spend but the reasons are worth it. From reviews to maybe dates and days out. I'll see you in September