Sunday, 7 May 2017

The overcast moor walk

This was pretty much a quick short afternoon out. Which reallywas quiet, nice and actually nothing was done. But a walk from Princetown and geocaching before a cream tea at the Two Bridges Hotel.

The drive to Princetown and food.

So, we left home at 1pm ish and travelled to Drake's Auctions , which I stayed in the car . Then the parents came back, the clouds were overcast and we started to drive to Princetown which that was a quiet journey then we were deciding whether to eat something in the Old Police Station or order takeout from there. After we parked in the car park which is now £2 

The Car Park

So we went for a takeout, which I went for Fishcake and chips and mum and dad went for a sharing portion of Sausage & chips. That went with curry sauce and I had a apple juice while mum had coke and dad had tango apple. Came to just under £11 all in all too. 

The Fishcake, Curry and chips

It was delish, now this was a good taste which it was hot but not tongue burning, I was the last one to finish it and then it was time to walk to the toilets to put the empty boxes in the bin. Typical but it was done and then we started walking. 

The Dogwalking and GeoCaching. 

Then with a overcast sky and also the wind starting to pick up, we were walking on the railway path, passing Dartmoor Brewery, passing cyclists, cows on the side of the path, the bridges having new fences ad we found a GeoCache after walking for about 49 minutes. 

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Looking back at a bridge and the mast

a lovely viewpoint

We sopped to look at the view and asked about various bits  like I wonder how many people shifted this granite to have it like this and also about family. The geocache was actually under a normal boulder but there were 2 loose ones that gave it away. it was near a odd mound as well. But after relaxing and a half mars bar, We walked back to the car. 

I then had to get ths other geocache which then it made me run down the main road for some reason, then run back up and after i found it on the north of this boulder past the layby. Then I ran back to the car, passing a big pack of huskies along the way as well. Then we drove off and it was a different place to go to. 

The Bridge Cream Teas

As dad was driving, we ended up going to the Two Bridges which then we ended up having a cream tea. I sat down on a picnic table by the fence near the field with the gander of geese who were actually being aggressive, and nipped this guy on the bum when walking towards the river. Then it was 2 cream teas (except me and mum had a lemonande) 

2 birds on the table at the hotel

That gander of Geese

the cream tea

Then it was more chatting and exploring the river which then it was time to go to the car then head off home. on this quiet day out. 

And that was it, a quick afternoon out with food and walks which shows off on the blog. There will be more posts but theres news I really can't mention yet which will be important soon though.