Sunday, 15 October 2017

Tavistock Goose Fair 2017: A Busy Clear Finale

The final night of the fair in 2017. This was it and after getting the clips and photos planned for the fair on Instagram and snap and a nice tea made, it was done and dusted with me. The vlog is below.

The tea for that night

I ran down and by 8:15 ish, I was around and the fair was busy. Loud music and other factors came into play. I saw underagers everywhere, in clubbing attire but it was a time to walk around anyway.

Entering the fair again

Terminator and Superstar

Cranes and stalls


Superstar, i noticed new paint

Fair Scape

Freddy Lit up

Then by 8:35 i was walking into town, the square was busier since a wedding was on, but then I walked up to the Co -op, I noticed some PSN Gift Cards and a few snack deals. But then I walked out and made my way to Central and noticed some more gift ideas for Christmas at reduced prices.

Heading towards the square again

Then I walked around the fair, it was the last few minutes and rides were packing up, but by 9:30, I was making my way home.

Typhoon on its last bout


The helter Skelter Folding up

Freddy's closing in

Then it was a walk in spar and run up the hill, which that was it, I finally have enjoyed this interesting week and took time. I have some ideas planned but also i need to focus on work as well, But we will see what happens.

the last shot of spar