Saturday, 16 December 2017

A Saturday Xmas Shopping Spree

The final shopping vlog of 2017, boy, it was a busy, expensive and exhausting one to say the least. But minus a important present, I've got all who I needed to get. So let's enjoy this vlog when in a rush on a cold and things didn't go how I planned.

The journey,

So I was Planning on cycling in, it would of made it easier in some sense if I didn't buy as much as I have, but instead mum and dad were heading to B&Q so it made a good idea on tagging along with them then my own way to Town. There was chatter, runny noses and also 2 Xmas cards my dad had to drop off, but then then by 10:20. I was running my way to town.
The sky was clear blue, the pavement was closed and I was running on it anyway, the runny nose was making a protest and sweat was soaking me up. But I managed to make it over in about 43 minutes which is pretty good with rucksack and a cold.

Heading for town

Running in the Underpass

The Streets of Plym

Busy main roads

Running towards the life centre #throughglass

The view from central park #throughglass

Under the railway #throughglass

The route of running

The shopping

I had a list of things to get. Some of which were cheap and some were more money than I guessed. But we head off to drakes circus for our toilet business first.

What the list of things I had to buy (Crossed out is what has been purchased in blogpost)
The lights from Drakes Circus

Once that was done, we got the first present. Next, it twas, with  the scarf and giftcards. well, I noticed a set of a Scarf, Mittens and a Pompom hat which came to about £34 and then a giftcard on top worth £25. £59.00 was the first of my worries.

The set from Next and the Giftcard. £59.00

Halfords was the next place to go, and a autogylm kit wax and cloths to make it £25.00, this was to go with some headphones from work.

Looking towards Halford to Maplin

The Autoglym Kit and Cloths. £25.00

Then i managed to get to buy something on impulse, Google Home Mini, now £34, there was no reason to pass on it, gulped the one charcoal up.

Hope, which has been and gone in life these days #throughglass

Google Home Mini, finally mine £34.00

Then I went to Met Rx and asked about something for Katie, but sending it will be a pain so I didn't bother. But then it was looking in different shops and bargains and glass having a dying battery. Recharging it and exploring was nice, people busy, Christmas songs, 5 for £1 on reduced things and more. The aloe vera juice was what i was going to go for looking back on it now.
Then it was to the market, not much there but computerbase had a card reader which was exactly what I needed,so £4.99 to fix an SDXC card might  be ideal.

The SDXC Card Reader for £4.99

After this, I went to look for a phone, yes, for my Grandad, since he wants a budget phone to use as a mini tablet, but he doesn't need it powerful, so it was deciding to either use my supplier, or use Argos or a second hand shop, but after looking in both, I didn't bother. Which then it meant on to the Land of the Pound, which actually has been in trouble ish on credit ratings, but from the looks of things, people were buying off the bat, with no intention of small queues. This was really the case, the queue was too long to even bother, but a usb cable i was needing, it even was out of stock of that too. So i was to walk up to the other Poundland.

The bottom of town always has ideas #throughglass

Then we pass Greggs, an important part of this journey, but this is where the day felt downhill. So i walk in there, with a queue, i let a girl who was after me who friend of the girl in front, go before me. Since a simple sausage roll, then i go. With a nice rep asking and so i ask for 2 x £25.00 gift cards. Which at this point, it always happens with me since the rep has to ask another rep for help, happened in Pizza Hut, Happens in Weatherspoons, Happens in Nandos and other restaurants. But then i ask for how much a cheapest cold drink was, which was a walk to the fridge and see £0.80 for a bottle of warter, which was a fair posh price. But i go back and she tells me that they have run out. My Face dropped, plans ruined, and well it basically made me say "i've planned this for months and a simple thing like a giftcard is always tricky", I even asked if they could just print it on a Piece of Paper. but nope, then i just walked out.

But then it was to the Christmas Market, well after the 2nd Poundland. This was actually much easier and less queues, like the new Twin Peaks bar to buy for mum and dad, the usb multi cable, wrapping paper and more Apple Pies for my dad. So that was a nice £7.00. Also that Vlog kit might be useful next week too. 

The £7.00 combo from Poundland

Then it was the Christmas market. Now lets go from the beginning which has the Xmas trees tent which then leads to more stalls than work sometimes. But from Bars (3 of them) to a couple of BBQs, some churros and also the clothes and other bits of craft. But i noticed a stand with scarves and I saw this nice colour one for my nan for £8.50, which I bought that one too. We also talked about plastic bags (48 for £1.00) she, the rep joked "Thats too expensive for me" which made me wonder if that deal is a rip off and how bad she would react to 100 for £3.00. But it was nice anyway. 

the scarf for £8.50

The Xmas Tree Tent

Pig President Meme is actually a real business

Then it was off to GAME, which things were looking intresting, busy and N Sane Trilogy was £22.99 and I was tempted to purchase that for work since its cheaper than others. But i passed and made my way up to Drakes Circus for one last bit. Wondered into boots but it was wayy too crowded so I went to newlook but that was busy and why was i in here, I asked myself so, I went back to boots and looked for Nivida (I meant Nivea) But went for a Dove set for £16.00 in the end for my mum. 

The Dove Set

But there was nothing there after this for me, so it was time for me to pack up and make my way to FarmFoods. I Packed up and another 37 minute run endured. 

Pacmking some of it up

Looking back to north hill

The flyover #throughglass

Steps up

The distance I had ran, it did make my nipples hurt
With the rain coming on, it made it harder to run but once i got to FarmFoods, I was blessed with deals and i was wondering around for the Fruit Section. I ended up picking up Strawberry, Mango and Pineapple. 3 for £5.00. Then it was a case deal I would be excited at. 3 x 24 Cans of drinks for £17. So thats 69 cans for £17.00, holy shit that was a deal, so after calling mum and texting her, I went for Lilt, Fanta Zero and 7up. That was then and I added some Jubbly ice lollies as well as a drink for me. £23.89 was the value but getting it home, well that was a tricky moment. But the rep was super helpful as well as hindsigthed. But I managed to heave all of it to the Crownhill Flyover bus stop in time for the bus.

some of the deals for £23.89 is shown like the 3 packs of cans for £17.00

Struggling with that was a fun and distracting moment, but after i gulped down the lilt can that fell out, the bus arrived. Which by damaging the Dove box, I manged to heave it. I got on the bus for the £5.00 single back to Tavi, Sat where push chairs and wheelchair riders go and relaxed there, with the clouds dark, the roads soaked and also the bus pretty busy, I even saw a customer and we chatted nicely. But then I also called mum and she was in tesco in Tavi so it wasn't that far to get a lift back since i was being lazy af today really. 

Getting to Lidl before going home
Then that was it, I was finally home and it was the end of a long day. I'll get a Christmas haul up and it will show more presents than last time. But something more relaxing for this year.