Friday, 30 March 2012

A week of sun, PSP, and work.

Well this week hasn't bee too bad. Some Amazing weather :) Lets start:

Well this was a nice day, work was quiet and my lunch for that day was this:

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Then walked to crowndale with my co-worker, Jared and we were talking about various things. Girls, (hinting at jess and emma and charely and bronti and summer etc). Then ran home and not much happened for the rest of the day.

Well the morning was nice, in bed, listening to music and then i decided to take the bus into Plymouth. However, since i was stupid and missed the bus (since the bus is every hour at xx:45). So my parents drove in and then we had lunch at Union Rooms and i had this:

Well a nice roast beef for 6.59 for lunch :-) on Twitpic
Then i was walking around the hoe for a bit and was very, very close to buying a Playstation Vita. But i didn't in the end. Then after that. i think this vlog can explain the rest.

Then as i was running back to town after the bit i vlogged after the swim. it was one amazing evening from Central Park:

Well this is one beautiful view from central park. #loveplymouth on Twitpic

Then as i was vlogging back, some 12 year old chav dressed with black trackies, short, black hair and black hoodie (in a group of his "mates init blud") decided to take the piss and taunt me with "oh are you taking a picture, i want to be in it" "oh are you taking a video" and i was still recording, so i stopped and then put my ipod back in my pocket then the he was still taunting so i shouted "I'm a Youtuber" then he said "come on then" in the manner of how fights get started.
Had tea in a subway which was nice. Then headed off home, i was playing Lumines II on my psp. Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

This was quite a quiet day to be fair. Had work and this was my lunch for that day. it tasted ok but steak isn't the nicest taste on my mouth though.
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Then i had the rest of the day off from 2pm and then sunbathed and played more psp, more lumines II.

A really quiet day. However i woke up at 11am and tears were coming out my eye. I was having bad dreams and feeling lonely as ever nowadays. So after listening to music to freshen me up, i was playing games mostly during the day. But i did have lunch and it was this

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It tasted nice then later on had some popcorn then made a Ridge Racer 7 Video:

Then i was playing more PSP while this was uploading and also attempting to install the Blogtv Broadcasting app on my Samsung Galaxy Apollo but had not much joy, i got Adobe Air 2.5 install which is all i can install :(. That was mostly it, except playing more games.

Well i woke up earlier than Tuesday and then just relaxed then made some fresh juice which was strawberry, kiwi and orange, all peeled and used the juicer that i brought my mum for mothers day. Then around 11am, my granparents came over and my grandad was cutting the dogs hair. You can (attempt) to see a lot of fleadirt on my poodles fur after it was cut:

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Then i hoovered the hallway and the lounge then was playing more lumines II on my psp then it was time for lunch which was interesting since this particular meal has been in the news recently:

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Yes the "Pasty Tax" and also with this "Fuel Crisis". Well to sum my opinion up of this. Its a pure example of doing something that you was told not to do. In this case, panic and buy fuel and queue for long amounts of time at petrol stations when the Government said to not panic over this and the unions will give 7 days notice. And because of this panic, it seems that the unions have no reason to strike now it brought idiots to their knees which can be an advantage to twisting thr government's balls (metaphor for changing their mind in their favour). Then i walked the dog after being show photos of my mum as a child and my grandmother's dad and seeing pictures of my grandad with a very interesting hairstyle.
Then they left and i played PSP outside again for the late afternooon then playing some PS3 and Simcity i think for the rest of the evening.

Well i had a nice fap and fantasy then headed off to work and then, it was busy and a soldering iron and variable heat gun kit arrived through, me and another colleague were soldering power jacks onto motherboards for most of the hours before 3 I didn't buy any lunch since there was no deals i could find :(. After that i was just chatting to Jared who was in as well then walked to crowndale again with him. I saw one of my former primary school mates and he looked absolutely wasted and possible high on something, he said hi to me and chatted to a friend of his who was in my primary school too, Amy. Then ran home and played some RR7 and finally have a record for every course (normal and reverse) in every category then was putting a song on..but i'll explain that later.

Well after waking up, having a romantic but extreme fantasy that included me, Emma and Jess. it was partly influenced by a Willix comic i synced to my ipod. But then woke up, got changed, ran to work, then arrived and ended up unboxing some Promotional stands for Kinect Star Wars which is out next week. Good old Gem for supplying big boxes with posters and cardboard promotional stuff and has guide on how to construct them. Then went upstairs and tidied up and edited the work website for a bit then started on as job that just arrived in which turned out to be a HDD failure. Backed up all her stuff and she came in to check it and she was happy. So then i used a 500gb shes buying and installed it and attempted to copy the recovery partition over, which didn't work. My lunch for that day was a nice meal:
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After that i ran home and then my parents went out to B&Q so i stayed in and then ran to the Chinese takeaway called Chung Ying, which actually do great food there and brought £13 of Chinese to myself and watched my YouTube subscriptions as a watch later playlist, it tasted sooooo yummy and i'm still full from it, as this blog post is being typed up hours later.
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Then after that i was trying to install Age of Empires online using Steam which isn't working. Just quits when i click play on the launcher. Then Simcity 4 whilst typing this up.

Before i go. Recently i've been liking a romantic but upbeat song by Genki Rockets. Its called Heavenly Star and here it is below:

its exactly the upbeat romantic song my heart wants to hear right now, since with this beautiful weather recently and the easter breaks next week. People i want to meet and maybe get to know more are free, one example is a blonde girl called Bridie, shes got 6 months off from uni and i hopefully get the chance to meet and more. But also this is a time i might be able to make my dreams come true and meet the girl i love and see if shes what my heart thinks she is. But with a new Sushi Bar open called Yo Sushi, a chance of a date might look good.
Just incase you think the above song doesn't have enough vibe. Heres a amazing House remix i found.
This adds more of a nightclub vibe and especially in this summer weather. Reminds me of heart attack in outrun.

Well thats it for this week. Have a good week and all that.