Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Final Cycle to Cadover

So, its the final week for school kids with easter approaching, the weather has been amazing, although things have still been down and even mellowing out to music which even sums up the past few months for me in 5 minutes, you might even see more of this song in videos, so enjoy it below:

That and its been the usual with working and playing Games as well as the other human needs in life, but basically with the weather being really nice, i decided to cycle off to my usual swimming spot in a river, sadly it was too cold so i wasn't in for very long:
That was pretty much the best bit of the footage i recorded. Anyways, the day after that was the day i decided to cycle to another river, The place known as Cadover Bridge, which is near some quarry works on the south of Dartmoor. The river is quite deep in some parts, mostly by the bridge.

So, after a quick relaxation and internet browsing, i set off with my bike, rucksack with all my swimming gear and cycled out, but before i reached there, i stopped in a few places first. As the first place is where the vlog starts, i will leave it down below:

The first preperation - LiDL

So, we are in lidl, the budget supermarket with mostly german products to sell to the vast many in the UK & EU. Now this was nice to explore, with cheap doughnuts, cookies, scotch eggs, medium priced sandwiches, some tat and other things, i'll be honest here and say that not much happened, but its always hard to get out of the store if you don't have anything to buy. 

The journey - it goes downhill in both ways...

After exploring lidl, i cycle off through the tunnel, soaked as usual and then made it to Yelverton, in about 40 minutes from where i left off. Which was nice, i will admit that i didn't notice much on the way compared to other times, but meh. 
Approaching Yelverton and then time to head out a different route.
The weather was hot at its peak time of 12pm, but i cycled on, going a route i have not travelled on my bike before, but this was when things turned bad. So, i was passed the first bridge after leaving yevlerton and sudden my brakes locked up and tyres were flat, which was worrying, so i tried to pump them up, with no avail, then it gets worse.....
It turned out the that inner tube was stuck and causing the tyre to not even move since the brakes were locked, so i had to pretty much dissassemble the inner tube, i did rip it to shreds, then it was a bouncy and i mean sex toy up a anus type bouncy vibration with every pedal, some cyclists did offer to help but i was doing ok, but the sound of the tyres was ear-rapingly loud, almost like a train...

Finally Arriving - 2 hours later

So, after the tyre catastrophe, i finally made it to cadover bridge in the heat, which was looking really nice as well as the peaceful atmosphere, i mean there were kids about, but it wasn't really rowdy. 
Looking at Cadover Bridge
  To be honest, i was supposed to swim but after how cold it was back at my usual spot, i did give that a miss, but it was nice to just relaxing and watch. Some girls nearby were drinking booze and having a instant BBQ, some kids were jumping into the river from a cliff edge nearby where i was. 
The view of the river from where i was relaxing for a short while
With the time almost reaching 3pm, i decided to leave earlier and bite the bullet and buy a new bike on my way back home, personally i didn't want but my dad has been hinting at me in a irritating way and this basically gave me a "oh fuck it, i have no choice but to", even though he did give me £500 to buy one for my birthday, i wasn't comfortable at the time, especially with other harsh moments of fate, daunting on me. So i left, heading back to Yelverton, then on back to Tavi then home. 
The final outdoor trip this bike will ever see in my hands, the final time this bike will be seen to you :/

The Final journey home with the Giant

It was a vibration and almost dangerous cycle back, with the hills and passing cars as well as uphils and hard corners. But i made it back, then i looked in a bike shop near the Rock inn and had a chat, he quoted me a bike for £550 but it wasn't in stock and then i thanked him and cycled back home, passing Dartmoor Cycles along the way. Now i went in there, i explained everything to him, he understood and shown me a bike that was £495, which looked really nice, slightly lighter and with hydraulic brakes. As much as i didn't want to do this, i paid for it and let the sales rep fit most things from the old one onto it. 

While this was happening, i browsed morrisons, i actually found some cheap deals, like a chicken satay for £0.20, which was fresh and tasted quite nice, as you might have seen in the vlog. There was a slight queue on the tills but not as much as what the queues in Lidl are like.
The chicken or rather sweet chilli Satay for £0.20
Then as i was browsing the pet store, i had 2 missed calls, which means it was ready. I went in and there is was, ready, so i took it out and left the Giant back until i could pick it up later on. But here it is, a new bike, costing £495 and well, looks nice :)
The side of the bike, with the airpump and water bottle holder fitted.

A better view of the bike, with the bike lock, mudguard, lights fitted on the bike.

So there it was, now the story ends here, except after getting home, possibly being invited for a BBQ and just as i see the bus from lidl to get to Plymouth, i chicken out and run home, except i actually picked up the old bike and gave it one final cycle home.

Which then, my tale ends, with the final ride home with the tyre missing, it makes me sad that after so long, i had to leave it go. This is just one of the many changes that has happened to me before my 5 year anniversary of how omracer really existed, this isn't the worst of those changes, but i know that fate has bad plans in the works.

But for now, i bid you fairwell and have a nice week, hopefully there might be another night out vlog, but i'm not sure.