Thursday, 24 April 2014

omracer's Night Out: The BBQ Wii Sports Party.

With the week being back to normal, there was a plan, a plan for friends to meet up, a plan to have a fun time. This was another one of those times. A quick story to end the woes...
After a casual day of work, from putting balsa wood planes on Amazon to doing a clean install of windows 8.1 on a Dell alienware, it was nearing 5pm, which I started to do the usual end of day, then by 5:05 ish, I ran out and sprinted Home.

The weather was having a Sunny finale to it, the traffic was alright, it was a good run to pelt it home, which i got there with the house to myself, so with that, i rushed onto the laptop, placed it in the bathroom, sorted some stuff out while letting it check e-mails, then it was a shower with lime & ginger. Which after that, it was getting changed and packing what i needed. Just as i left home, i saw my parents, told them i'm off and it was a rushed 15 minute run.

I got to lid, which i then decided to browse for some Sausages and bread rolls, to make hotdogs. After looking around, there wasn't anything on special offer and it was nearing 6pm, so i rushed out back to the Bus stop, waited for 5 minutes then it was a £4.50 for a firstday+ and a nice quiet journey there. To be honest the bus was hardly packed, there was only 3 people including myself on the top decker. But little did i know i was heading in the wrong direction, Pete called me as i was nearing the flyover near crownhill and asked where i was and how long i would be. 

Now for the prep shop...

So, as i realised i was on an 83, it wasn't going through mutley, which i found out was fine since i got off at Outland Road then browsed Morrisons for some prep, this was a huge store, with just as much as the one in Tavi, maybe even more than that...
The Morrisons by Outland Road
Browsing here was quite nice, it was refreshed, slightly busy and for an odd reason, not as easy to find what i wanted, i was closed to looking in a deli for the sausages where it was actually the butchers, there were reduced Batons from £0.85 to £0.42 but they might be a bit harder to crunch on. Eventually i found the Finger rolls as well as 12 mini Irish sausages. So, i walked to the nearest checkout. 
A nice barking, 12 finger rolls for £1 and 12 irish sausages for £1 as well :)
So, the price in the picture was almost clear, £2 for a budget hotdog set (12 sausages x 12 finger rolls). I was waiting a short time in the queue and then quickly paid. But then it was the confusing panic, "how the hell can i get to the house", but with GMaps, not a problem at all, even though it took 5 minutes alone for the GPS to sync, but i got a route setup and then started following it......TOPLESS. Yes, i didn't want to soak one my best shirts in sweat when doing this, so i decided to pelt it via the route i was told to using Google Maps. It was a nice route, with some really nice views of the other side of central park as well as the sky was beautifully blue. After a 15 minute pelt, i made it to the house at 7:05 or something like that, i'm not sure on remember all that much detail :/. 

The BBQ begins...

Then it was nice to see the house, i met Stallion for the first time, seems like a nice dude, even though he was stoned for partway through. The BBQ was nice, i mean the burgers from iceland were, i met Taylor, Nath's Girlfriend for the first time, she is nice, loves to eat but has a thing for gym too:/. But the first set of food was ready, i enjoyed a stacked onion ring burger with ketchup in the middle :)
The stacked burger :)

The attempt at a buger selfie...

So, it was just causal chatting and eating in a lush sunset for the most part, which makes it nice to enjoy, i can't remember much on the conversation, but moving in to the house and cuba girls was most of it, that was at various parts of the night as well. I accidentally said something about trying to eat my own dick when there was a stain of ketchup on the wall near the balcony. 
More burgers being BBQed.
After the burgers were nearly done and also having one fall underneath the grill but swaggy saved it, Taylor wanted some stuff at co-op, so i joined her, it was nice to talk about most things, from work, since she started a new job next to cuba, to memories, to even the time when i bought BC bonnie lidnt chocolate as a saying sorry type thing, (i never got anything back from her, but meh, i deserved it). She said "that's weird" but i'm used to these type of situations, then after she bought some volvic for £1.89 and Icecream bars for £1, it was time to head back, the temperature was dropping quite down badly by then. 

As we got back, it was the sausages almost ready to eat, i did burn my tongue on them, but they did taste amazingly nice. After talking and scoffing them down for a bit, it was freezing so i went inside to the lounge, which then it ended up talking about work and me moving into the house, its tempting but it doesn't feel like it could be viable for me right now. 

Then it was time to get the Wii on and it was a decent bit of fun, from Cycling to Frisbee, to table tennis and 100 pin bowling. Can't beat Wii sports Resort, it was one of the best wii games in general, Both Pete and nath were boasting about stamps, but they cained the game for most of it, like the special courses for frisbee golf.
Some blurred Frisbee Golf

Table tennis with a cat on my lap
 Then it was 10:25 and after a thrashing on Tennis on the original Wii Sports, it was time for me to packup and leave, so i got what i needed and pelted it for the Bus at mutley. But since the "supposed" time of 10:42 was when the bus was meant to arrived, i had a quick drink in cafe Sol.
A nice small glass of Water from Cafe Sol :)
Then i got to the bus stop and waited, then i met an old friend of mine while waiting, Jason, we chatted and it was a nice time to catch up, from the uni hes off to, to buses to other things. Then when checking ther First App, it turns out the bus was 10 minutes earlier which WASN'T mentioned on the live timetables at the bus stop itself. So in frustration, i decided to Run back to Woolwell, to get the last bus, which turns out, its an 83. So, i ran and ran and even ran faster with my left foot becoming numb for 20 minutes which i was nearly dragging it along, but i told myself "if i don't push myself, i'm a fucking pussy" and carried on.

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Then i made it too woolwell at 11:40, which was quite a nice push and ended up running 6.8 mph on average, which is pretty good for a guy like me, i wonder if i could of used mytracks when i was in my Crappy City Plym Days, and see how fast i was then compared to now.
The snapchat of me soaked in sweat, after running that far in a average time
Then i got on the bus, and it was a quite journey back, my mum called me and expected me back by 12:45, which i did manage and it was fun sitting down when soaked after running like mad, then i finally made it back by 12:40 and after getting unchanged, unpack, i made myself a perfect cold juice drink to enjoy then i relaxed in bed and that was my night.
The fresh drink i had when i finally was ready for bed, this made me feel so much better. 

Well, as far as nights go, this was a nice, quiet but fun one to have, sure i didn't get to see Charley and Sophie, nor jess couldn't make it but it was a fun night. It still shows that Nintendo really did make the ultimare party console with the Wii, the weather held out and thats hopefully the start of alot more of them, maybe even with more friends, maybe even get Bronti to join in for once if she isn't whipping Jay, or Sash being smitten with Jord. But that might a bit of mine and  Swaggys goal. Its getting stale with my search for love feeling at a lost when when it was found, it was taken away for the chance to grab it by T and i will never forgive him for that, ever.

Hopefully there should be more content next month. But the weather and friends and opportunities can be made when possible.

See you in the next blogpost.