Sunday, 5 June 2016

A atomic Transition to a New month (May 2016 Catchup)

Another month has passed and things have been picking up in terms of vlogs, events, work and even styling. Even though the love life is nearly dead and missing thoughts are still lurking in the heart and mind with nothing I can do anymore to make them come true. There has also been some reviewing, BBQs and building along the way.

The Highlights

Well there was the missed oppoturnity of a night out on the Bank Holiday weekend (the 1st one in May) which was fine since I was close to saving up other projects which I actually did later on. 
But the 1st event was actually a possible changer to a night out. USB LED Trainers, Yes these exist and they actually do what I wanted them to. 

Those I'm hoping you will see in the vlogs in the fare and near future, which you actually do anyway.

Next you've got the 1st project I've been planning for a while, a SteamBox/HTPC which actually did make a nice bit of a baseline for making me catch up with that PC MasterRace life but at a budget. Although the past catches up with me when getting it built due to Bent CPU Pins but a RMA actually sorted it out and Windows 10 was installed and ready to go.

The PC all lit up

the omracer BIOS LOGO is awesome I think
There was also a time of Vimto reviews but that was a meh thing. But flirting with a foodee blogger who thinks shes a ssbbw when shes smaller than me is quite fun to flirt with too

Since next was the first event these shoes were going to have and they were pretty effective. With the House's area starting to change and new houses for BBQs, this was the start of a different way of meetups, but by god, those shoes were pretty good.

just them in action
Which in between this and the next BBQ, was work and also playing Galaga Legions DX on PS3 and trying that new capture box I bought in april out, which works quite nicely.

But with the weather starting to pick up nicely, Another BBQ was on the cards, which was actually a bit of a changing port for things like how I tweet pictures and whether I decided to go on a big trip this month which I might actually do but it might cost me £220 for that lesson with Kian to make sure i'm ready for the opposite sex intimacy again or I go for Gracie and actually expirenece what another date and also see if she can teach me spooning a actual girl instead of me attempting to with pillows.

Between this, I also reviewed a new tablet which actually is a pretty poor one with crashes and not as fast as the v820w.

This also made me hope that soon I would be able to get night out vlogs done, but sadly things changed with that realisation that I'm working or was at least supposed to work that last weekend of may bank holiday. But a trip to a new quiet peaceful place was first.

We traveled to mount edgcumbe which was on a incredible day and also it was nice to get  glass out to take pics and also enjoy a mini picnic for £3. Which that was a massive 5 hours of exercise and I didn't even bring the coffin which was a pisstake 

the view from the ferry

views from a bench
Then we finally come to last weekend, a weekend I was supposed to work but since the weather was hot and people I served was only one on that Sunday, it was a day off. But that Saturday night, I decided to accomplish things. First was a BBQ by myself, which thanks to neighbourly advice and a night to myself, I made my own which kind of worked minus intensely spice food and some reduced, but poorly cooked kebabs of the maple variety.
Starting my own  BBQ

Halfway there

Pancake burgers

Then it was technically masking that PC build video and actually one importance which wax changing my hair. Using a similar product t I bought in July when I had that anxiety attack with the stripper from temptations after Sophie kissed her boyfriend right next to me when I drinking a limb  cordial, it was actually a better job that people did say it suited me. There was a ginger joke with the landlord but it's like living the dream in this new place I've worked for 7 months in now. 

Getting the hair Dyed

The result in the night

how it looks in the day

The Tinder Progress

Ah yes, Tinder, we have to talk about that app. And to be fair, its mostly been bots this past month. This is a bit of a shame but there was recently some improvements. Ok a 17 year old was asking for my nudes on there and then there was a girl from Redruth that I started chatting to but that faded quickly, then there was Zoe who liked my messages (afternoon and how are you) so that was a no luck situation. But for people that care or what not. Which was when I started Tinder late last year/Early this year, I post my matches and messages on snapchat so you do get to see them. 

  • Total Matches: 23
    • Bots: 7
    • Real People:11
    • People that haven't responded when I messaged them: 7
    • Replies: 4 

A recap on my Goals: 

This is looking to be a shambles but here is goes with the list: 

  • Try not to fap on mornings when i have work - Funny with this, I've abandoned this yet i'm in work earlier than I have been a few times recently, the bright weather helps. 
  • Try to have a Holiday or have a week off from work without being called up at least for one day of it - Now this might happen, basically i choose the date and hope colleague can cover, he said he can but nothing is ever as simple
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - This has gotten nowhere but this might change
  • Plan a few days out  - Planning might happen these next 2 months, especially with a documentary in July with Sandy
  • Tweet More - This is a bit weak
  • Snapchat more  - Getting better, did my first screenshot poll last night.
  • Get into my first Relationship - A major work in progress
  • Cook for a Group of Girls - Too late to bother
  • Make some music Mashups - Abandoned 
  • Play some more Steam Games and Finish at least 2 - The steambox is made, now I can start to do more steam lets plays, even though the games are under 30fps in some cases, it might change if i buy a GPU for it but I'm hoping to try it first. 

More events and vlogs to do in the near future.