Friday, 24 June 2016

A Vote and a Cycle

Today is the day, the day the UK decides to change its life or not, Which we did and we are on our way to being out of the EU within 2 years time.  With everything going on and also its my day off on a sunny but cloudy day, I decide to cycle into plymouth. The vlog is below:

Its been very quiet for me along with working and playing on the steambox, i'm now a proud owner of rocket league and Pacman 256 along with still deciding on things to set up on streaming. But I've also been trying things out, like trying to sellotape my thighs to help squeeze them into jeans a bit more, it wasn't as uncomfortable as it would be but i didn't use a big enough amount of tape anyway.

Also its been picking up in work until this early week but now its picked up again, and the last month of windows 10 for free is starting and people are downgrading, which is a shame but its their choice and for up to £60 I help them downgrade via work.

But we come to this sunny day. Waking up and checking the internets from 7:10 to 7:45 before a daily 💦 to live the dreams I want to or fantasies more like. But then I was up by 8:35 and getting glass and phone charged. Getting this started and prepping for the day. All in all, I was leaving by 9:20. The polling station was my first bet.
A Selfie before heading off

Churches as a Polling Station

That was a smooth 15 minutes before cycling off to that ocean city which was actually first to the hoe for a home visit. there were a small flow of people in the polling station and within that 15 minutes, I voted to leave the European union and then smiled as I left to cycle on. This journey made me feel light, I was going at a reasonable pace and even with the longer distance, I actually got to drakes circus in 1 hour and 38 minutes

Leaving into Bishopsmead

The peaceful route near horrabirdge 

Approaching Yelverton

Getting by the Roborough Roundabout

A Funfair appears

Getting to town

The phone n the case

Now when I got there, I decided to get a quick toilet session done, I tried that free phone charger while I was in there and by the time I finished up and picked up, only 1% extra battery (from 69 to 70 %) and then I went to Three to ask if there have been problems with tinder on cellular, since it never works on mobile data, only wifi and they were pretty much, just call the support to see what's happening, which technically means I have to call FreedomPop which might be tricky. But then I ran down to the hoe and arrived at the place I needed to be for the visit. this was at 1:20pm

The view of the hoe and getting to where i needed to be

Now I got there and this nice elderly lady was sitting out by this car, we greeted and I mentioned the visit and she was pretty much "I don't know this building had 15 flats and I live at number 1 and I can't let you in and the flat calling system might not work due to a power cut yesterday." So with that I pressed the buzzer various times and Then hopefully I would help this customer out, but there was a chance it would not be worth it. By 12:45 I was wondering my way back to town and getting to go shopping. I talked about the selotaping my thighs and the casual day. but as i was walking, I was getting lost in alleyways and even passing the radio plymouth building, I got to behind gala and into town within 20 minutes.

Ah, town, the place of solidarity where shoppers alike get what they needs, there was a fair amount around and I browsed a few places. You know, Poundland, the Asia oriental, Sony store and of course drakes circus.But it was the first lot which was fun. with remaining campaigners walking around, I got into poundworld and browsed, there wasn't much enticing except ice vimto triangles and butter list microwave popcorn and maybe earphones. but they didn't look ideal so I skipped it and walked out.

Then on the way. I was enticed by a oxfam rep named Maggie. She was quite a nice size. So she asked me my age, name, job, and if I pay income tax and she was a bit taken back when I explained the situation. But hey, that's life.Looking in maplin was nice but there were these headphones which looked like a special offer for £4.99, it turns out it was £37.99 which then me and the sales rep realises that the item was switched. But the clearance, there were some good items. Like the G3258 bundle for £154.99 and the raspberry pi 2 for £39.99. But then I left and headed up to primark

Now this was fun since I saw the first girl I ever kissed with her boyfriend which the rumour mill told me she's married. But she didn't see me but I was looking for briefs, I went for xl which is ideal for fapping since it's recently been a really high drive thanks for feabie and some of the adventures of a girl I follow on there and now Instagram along with some others. But that was 4.50 and then it was some socks, a pack of 5 for 2.50 and a £7 total. Now while I was queueing up, there was this amazing girl in front of me, looking soft, wide and had a nice accent when talking to her mate. I was like dazed and "she's a 8" in my mind. But then it was all paid for and added to the bag.

The socks and pants 

Then as I was passing the krispy kremes, there was a even more amazing girl, yes she had a kid but she was like feabie dream in legging and arms were just 😍.The apple store was nice, it turns out the Mac books that had the Intel core m that the onda used has m3 variant and I showed the sales rep the apple refurbed now for £759. Then I left.Then browsing game and cex again, more CPU and graphics card deals. Then there was more deals in wants with a 1tb Hitachi hard drive, for £24.95. there was a guy casually chatting to the sales rep. Cash converters had some deals, like Xbox one's for 190 with forza 5 and a £175 Dell All in one. But there were HDMI freebies boxes for cheap. But I left.

The exploring contiunes until I saw Pete, which we then caught up. He mentioned There was a holiday he was on which he mentioned Swaggys might do a BBQ but with his new Libby, I mentioned he might bottle that and go down hers. Pete said I was making obsracles that never existed, but there were valid point. But I mentioned there might be the documentary in mid July , which his eyes opened up widely in excitement. But then we parted ways and I went around town again to explore.

But then it was poudland and my £5 note was going to be useful, so I bought 6 things for £5. 28 ice lollies for £2, 2 bottles of aloe Vera juice for £1, 2 rolls of selotape for £1 and some cheap £1 earphones to use in bed which proper ones are too uncomfortable with.

The bundle for Pound

Then there was one last buy, Krispy Kreme, now I've not bought from them for nearly 6 months and since a recent feedee from London posted a pic of her buying 2 dozen boxes of them in feabie, it made me crave them so I bought it for £9.45 on my card and i wasn't ready for the nutella ones since I said to myself, if I get a girlfriend, I will buy those. So this new flavour rhwy advertised I might however have which is nightmarish.

The box of Glazed dreamy doughnuts

Now there was time to head off home, so by 3:50 I was set up on GPS and making that steep hills home. Passing cuba and bang bang being either torn down or refurbished was a sight too see, especially since of the first kiss in my life with Hannah and also seeing Charlotte and meg a while  back there. The sweat was not as bad this time to begin the journey but it was blinding just as i got home. But the legs were in strain pain which made me get home in just over 2 hours but before 2 hours 1 minute.

Just before leaving

Down to the flyover

Up the hill near Jack Rabbit

Ponies Ahead

Down to Gem Bridge

Now just as I get home and make a nice ice cold drink, I found out I'm off to The queens head to have tea after my mum was picked up from slimming world and the rest of the family had voted. Which that went pretty badly since I was wanting to get this up ASAP without doing and all nighter. But after some jokes and chatter and cat videos on Facebook, it turned out ok.  I ended up having a BBQ dog which was me since the sausage was the same looking as tinned ones or the ones people puke on when eating in oceana. But the pint of lime and lemonade was nice

The BBQ Pork Hot Dog combo for £6.49 including a drink (below). With onion Rings, pulled pork, chips, mayo, ketchup and mango chutney

The Pint of Lime and Lemonade

And there we have it, I had taken part in one of the most important days in my life as well as do shopping while the home visit was a wasted attempt, but I know blogging and vlogging will be busy be t month so keep and eye out for that.