Monday, 11 July 2016

A wet repeating cycle day out

So then , another cycle day out. This time its a repeat since of a 2nd attempt to see this customer and well, its coming up to the 7th Year twitter anniversary as well. But It was a lot of changes happening in the past weeks since i last caught up. Such as the fact my sister is moving out next month. Somewhere near but not in Tavi. Then thee is the costume I've ordered for the Carnival (since work's landlord wants us to dress up as certain countries, but all i can say is, its gonna be alright).

Well also we have the laptop nearly dying on me and Skype calls with 2 friends I've made from Feabie, which one is a pretty rad US guy and the other is actually my type and his, we were talking about alot of things, from tablets to feeding which shes had to ideal weights and some good to know things..

Anyways, since there is no vlog for this., Read on.

I woke up earlier than usual, like about 7:40 and there were some checking  to get done and got prepped up mid 9am ish. But the weather was quite grey, so mum was usually suggesting to get the bus. But I waited it out and the sun was trying to shine through, the usb drive was prepped up, a shower was done and it was by 9:35 which I left. Without glass this time since there wasn't much need for it, since that will be for the week ahead.

The journey was wet and the timing was pretty fast minus some stops for waiting for traffic and similar along the way. But in 1 hour, 42 minutes, I made it to Drakes circus. Feeling a bit soaked and hoping to finally get this visit done.

Parked the bike in the usual spot

Now, before going, I needed to dry up and toilet break, which was fine, so walking up to drakes circus toilets and getting that done before leaving there at 10:40 to walk up to the hoe. Which was a nice walk but just as o got by Ann summers, I had to put my jumper back on since it was rainy, but that stopped by the time I got to the hoe, with its view and quality hotel being demolished, piece by piece.

a cloudy hoe view

The hotel in the far centre right is a bye bye

But then I got to the place and I was let in this time, and took the lift up, which of course, those selfie types I finally did. Then that was an hour spent and happily sorted.

i've not done this ever until now

By 1:10, I was walking back into town and exploring on my own, from pants, graphics card, food from poudland and poundworld, Macs, big sausage rolls for £0.50 in spar and mini other deals. From chatter of cheaper prices online, funny gas mask stories and returns, iPad pro using and the pen works nicely on iMovie to be fair. There was also a visit to Waterstones for the first time. I was lpoking for a book I might need to read to prep for a Windows 10 Specialist exam I might do to help improve whatever is left of my career and since Windows 10 is massive hype. But sadly it was a small catalogue of Excel and coding books. But a quick relax for 10 minutes at 15:10 until another browse before buying some poundworld bits and drinks.

one the way back

Now it was a case of browsing to see what it would be to purchase this time. Which it was 7 bags of dairy milk buttons for my mum, a box of Sunkist ice lollies, a drink and a 4 pack of fanta. But realising that I might do a poundland order soon  it was decided to go with what I went for which totalled a fiver or £5. Sunkist ice lollies, 2 boxes of microwave popcorn, two bottles of tango apple and a box of vimto ice lollies. That stuff is nice and it might be an idea to open a ice cream stall in a shed selling those if I was a jobless soul with a major savings to invest in.

The stuff from poundworld

A sunnier look

Then it was the case of biking it back, with a mix of cloud, rain and sun. I managed to get back home a bit quicker than leaving At one point, I was pelting 9mph according to Google fit which was being accurate for a change at the cost of major battery life.

a fast speed

Then after 1 hour and 42 minutes, I was home and greeted by Rosie and mum, who just got back from a dogwalking. Which then within 20 minutes, it was a shopping trip to Morrison's along with a meal, I went for Chicken Tika and chips, which has a lovely spice to it. That came to £5 with a free fanta. It was lovely although it was burning the tongue with the heat. Once it was finished, it was time to get some shopping done.

The chicken tika and chips with a drink

Then it was done, various browsing of magazines and then some "lol at me for putting back apple doughnuts for £0.50 since they are not reduced to £0.25" from my dad was mentioning, the till clerk even sided with him which was a bit aggro in my mind. But then it was done and I got home finally.

Well this blog will get busy for the next month so look out for some fun there.,