Sunday, 16 July 2017

Carnival of the Wet Myths & Legends (Tavistock Carnival 2017)

Well, its carnival season, the final weeks for schools to break up. The life of mine will be in the mist of a major change now that the big announcement is heading out which you will hear in the vlog and I will go into detail in the big catchup on the 8 Year Twitterversary. Things have been working to this moment for a while but it gives me more time for vlogging and also maybe more money. Enjoy it below:

A humid, quiet working day. 

So, lets get this done, with the notice handed in earlier in the week, countdown to leaving was in process, I woke up after the usual social media check and trying to upload all the content while glass was deciding to have a really troubling time to work. It seems like a major battery issue but not sure. 

I ran to work as per usual. It was actually quieter than I thought and sure a few customers came in the morning from AMD heatsinks dying to casual advice and chatting with people living in the phillipines. But with the lunch time, it was time to get a quick lunch. With a bit of rides (3) and fidget spinner stalls which were £10 bling. Donut Stands which got me dreaming of feeding as per and well, getting a cheap space raiders and applejuice for a £0.68 lunch. It was all good. 

The look at the fair on my lunch break

The lunch

Then it was checking a few things while the rain was happening and that might make it harder to get filming for later on, but meh on hoping it was going to keep dry. Time was being passed with ideas and reflections too. But it was eventually 4:30, chatter was happening and then it was time for me to pack up and leave work for a weekend. Which running up the hill in the spittty rain is never that nice. But i eventually got home which a bath was waiting for me and to prepare for this vlog.

The afternoon 

The wet carnival. 

So after the bath, the time to prepare to get to go. The rain was a mix of heavy and spitty and I had to keep it going with glass on. But things didn't go to plan as i was running down, sure I couldn't turn it off but it turned off by the time I got there. But the carnival fleek was on statues on the way in.

The statue with the flags

As i got to the square, it was actually busier than i expected it to be. But wondered around while waiting for glass to charge and the procession to start. Which eventually it did. 

The fair

The crowds at the square

Eventually, we see a group of morris dancers deciding to perform in front of us which was quite fun. But it started to rain a bit more by then.

The dancers

After that, it was the procession, which was quite interesting with the way it was happening this time. From more new unique style cars that are classic to buses, to Pirates and a different taste to the words legend.

The last part of the Carnival

The run back 

So, with the carnival finishing, which then people starting making their way out of the town, crowds walked to west street and i joined that route, passing people I know and also passing the place where a new fried chicken shop just down from the Tavi Friar. 

The square

Looking up at west street

Looking back from west street. 

Then it was time to run back, with glass and go home. Which then made it frustrating to get the vlog up with glass not turning on, but that is life. So i made a quick microwave meal to eat while waiting for glass to work eventually. 

The meal i had last night.; 

And that was it, the carnival was done. With new videos possibly coming soon and more time to myself. But for now, we have the 3 weeks to get by which will be fun and a catch up blogpost for ther 8th year twitterversary.