Friday, 16 May 2014

omracer's Night Out: the fun with the forgotten keys.

As this week is nearing a close, work being quiet and mistakes from the past maybe being fixed. Maybe it was time to have a quiet evening to myself. But as I left work, it turns out I had to be that stupid idiot that leaves his keys in work. 
As I ran home and got there, I checked my pockets, I heard no keys jiggling, um I fucked up pretty bad, sure I could of waited out my house for 2 hours, but that is a wasted opportunity. So I ran down to lidl from 5:45, mind you I was only in a white shirt and midly tight jeans. It was slightly nice weather, although the clouds were on their way in, it was still hot in some parts. I got on the bus and nearly had to shout for a day rider. But a £4.50 fare is better than nothing. The journey was quite smooth and the weather was getting brighter and clearer. 
The view from the bus near Woowell

The Arrival and preperation

Eventually, i arrived by the train station by about 6:45 and even though i tried to arrange some meals, even with Emma, who actually did text back quickly, even after the things that have happened and the heart that lost its dream come true which did make me happy even though she was busy with a friend which is fair enough, this was unexpected and everything related. But i just decided to wander around for a bit, but the first port of call, as per say, was to take a small toilet break in drake's circus, since it was open until 8pm on Thursdays.
The view to Drake's Circus from town

Since that hectically was the first chance to take a pee all day, it was releasing, also my hands felt sweaty so washing them was quite needed and worth it. Then i strolled over to the casino, with a mini sense of hope that i get to win something, as well as a chance to quench my thirst. So i made it over there and then it was straight to the bar, now unlike the usual choices i have for my thirst on a night out, i went for a nice pint of Lime and soda water, asking the blonde bar staff to make it slightly stronger, it was nice of her to do that. That was a neat £0.70. 
The Lime and Soda Water Pint for £0.70
Sadly, after drinking that, the blackjack table was too busy so i decided not to go and just left and walked around and my way to the barbican for nice bit of relaxation via the hoe. Sure i did pop into a Pizza Express to inquire if they can make pizza without cheese and they said yes, which is a good sign and means that Dominoes are the only nasty mainstream conglomerate that force consumers to eat cheese in pizza. The stroll to the hoe was slightly fast paced, although near the berkley, i felt a pain in my chest and was close to throwing up, but running did ease that for the rest of the night, 

Reflection and boredom at the Naval Side...

Reaching the hoe was nice, it was busy, more so students being fun and having BBQs and all, maybe i could of found someone that might of heard of me and maybe just chat and actually feel like i'm making some progress in life, but that didn't happened and i ended up checking twitter, instagram and just taking a few pics while i was up there. Sure, there was a mini sailing race happening but thats just one of those sports i can never get into much of, or at all...
The view from the Hoe at around 7pm

A glimpse of a sailing event on the hoe as i was waking to the barbican

The casusal walk down to the barbican was ok i guess, sure it was nice to blast some electro music and end up feeling a bit low due to couples almost everywhere, holding hands and it made me wish i could of been doing the same thing, maybe even just talking about something as deep as something i watched on Louie last night:

This did make me feel like shit but sort of happy for them both and jealous because she looks really nice too, but it sort of reminded me of this scene, with the weather and location. But i kept on walking and eventually i reached the Barbican, which did look just as nice
The view of the Barbican

So, this was quite busy, sure it was full of bikers and older drunk people as well as some musicians and students eating fish and chips alike, which was nice ish and it was tempting for me to head out to Cap N Jaspers for a Half a Yard Hotdog but it was a intense queue which i bottled it, but i ended up bored that i just laid on the floor and just looked up into the sky, maybe wishing. That and it was more casual tweeting and even being offered to visit and run to Higher compton was an option but i bottled that and decided to make my way back home via Mcdonalds then a bus home.

The view of the barbican from the ground. 

The journey back of ideas and the chaos of suspicion...

Now, this was a ramdom wander back to the bus, passing though various restaurants, i mean i even was looking at the menu for Caffine Club again, This was not too bad, sure that menu was pricey, but meh, but i even browsed in the North Hill spar, there were some offers and i missed the bus back, which was not suprising but maybe a regret. Eventually i got to mutley, i changed my music playlist and then just pelted it to Mcdonalds, i actually didn't run too badly, until i got to the flyover by the hill before Crownhill Mcdonalds. 

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When i got to the flyover, i noticed 2 cop cars, which was fair enough but then as i ran nearrer the road, they stop and pretty much pulled me over, i put my shirt back on and then he asked a few things like:

  • Are we known to you
  • Name, address etc
  • Are you missing
  • What are you doing here
  • Have you been drinking
  • Have you taken any drugs
Now this was a awkward and a bit scary moment, sure its a bit odd running topless in the night, but the weather was actually hot and i played it slightly cool and passive and didn't get aggressive, maybe a bit of n assertive mood but it ended up good and the cop just dropped me off by the other side of the road and i carried on running. 

Eventually i got to Mcdonalds, then i went in, still slightly sweaty and with some Sonic colors OST playing, i turned that off then waited, i smiled when i saw jess, sure there were curvier girls and even one served me but it was just nice to see her and at first she was busy with a fair bit but just as i left, it was nicer and we even spoke for like a minute which to be honest, thats the closest thing to progress this whole month, the night out didn't do much for me . But i ordered a large big mac no cheese meal and i nearly had to wolf it down since i didn't want to miss the bus. It was worth it for £4.80 too
A large Big Mac Meal with a Sprite for £4.80 
Then after i left and spoke to jess, yes, i probably embarrased her when i tried to see if she was free soon and even offered her "running training" which is more the opposite thing of what i've always wanted to do with her, aka spoil and wine and dine her to a size that i would do a fair amount to wake up next to her and pretty much worship it, just like i always want to do with emma. 

The bus arrived 6 minutes late, i got on, then it was stinking of BO and it was a rushing run back home, i got home about 10:40, which isn't too bad considering i left at 9:56/57. Only to find my sister snuggling with her new partner, which was nice for them. Then it was discussing what to do with the keys since she leaves before me for work tomorrow. 

That sums this night up, sure it means nothing, but this is a rare chance which people say that the unexpected things turn out to be the best, but sadly that rule just punched me in the face and said thats not true. But as exams for GCSE kids start, it reminds me of when it happened to me and also when i was losing Abbey, in the same painful feelings as i've lost emma, Which although its getting old, she still means alot more to me than even family, Now, that is strong but its how i feel and it might be why i've been feeling empty, odd and even confused at my own words. 

See you in June possibly, unless something rare and amazing comes up