Sunday, 17 August 2014

100th post - The Spitfire Sunday of selling kits

Well, today has partly been a day i've been not doing much prep except work, but this weekend has been an event which is technically the 2nd time we have been outside for an event this big.
This is also my 100th blogpost, thats crazy, well actually its not as quick as i would of hoped but this is a good milestone for me.

So, i woke up this morning, about 7:30am and then checked the internetz, then it was a case of a nice romantic dream from 8 but by 8:40 i had to get up and get the bike out, by about 9am, i was packed and ready to go, wearing jeans, a blue shirt and my leather jacket.
Leaving for Harrowbeer
So it was a wet cycle and after diverting myself to the bowling green in yelverton to check if the carboot sale was on, sadly it wasnt but the weather was so poor and wet there that it was sensible to cancel that, but i ended up cycling over to the event, it was near 10:00am by that time

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I got there and eventually after looking for somewhere to park my bike, i ended up tying it to the back of the tent work was borrowing, then it was just killing time to wait for customers to arrive, when i got there, it was pretty empty.
Getting to the event, it was empty

Then it was time to kill, with various events going on, me serving customers and then i bought some brunch, bolieve it or not, which was the best 10 pence i ever spent, yes £0.10 for a SCONE.It was a fresh one too.
The Scone for £0.10
Then it was more of a case of it becoming busy and with the rain pouring down, more people were visiting our tent and even though there was alot of kits we could of sold, people weren't as interested as we hoped it to be. 
Pretty much what my work was selling on that daym Airfix kits.

The weather started to clear up then it was more killing time and selling kits and touring the place. But it made the event better than what i thought it would turn out to be this year. Some pics of the event i've taken are below, including a decent lunch for £3.25.
A lush bacon and egg bap with BBQ , ketchup and burger sauce for £2.75 and then blackcurrent squash for £0.50

The event gets busier

A working replica (well the motor runs) of a Spitfire
After the hours had passed, the sun was coming out and it was time to pack up, from putting all the kits in the boxes we had left then having to unload them at the shop at 5:20 then coming back for the final packing and the cleaning of the tables, now that was annoyingly tricky, espcially when surgical spirit was slowly doing the trick and some kids went ott with paint.
Nearly done with clearing the tables 
But that was more wiping gently and using water and kitchen towel, but as with the chances in life, things have to come to an end, it was about 6:55 and me and my managers left and part our ways, both of them drove back to the shop and i cycled back home. it was a not too bad journey but there was some bumpy bits and my sister called to ask where i was when i was by gem bridge.
The view as i was leaving for home

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Well its time to say goodbye for another week and with this event over, its back to normal for me i think. But with this week being a busy one when i made sure i found out what i did and made sure i was clean and even enjoyed fireworks i've actually never seen before. But i've been told that i might be out for the final bank holiday in 2014. But i still don't know my plans for that yet.

See you soon