Sunday, 3 August 2014

omracer's Night out: The august attempt at an impossible life goal

So, this weekend might be one of the most important nights out i would of experienced this year. The problem is that i've never had a first kiss, which has been a setback in life for many year and i thought "its finally time to fix this and catch up". The way i'm doing it tonight isn't the best way that people would expect but i realised some things even though are amazing if done right, it needs to be done before its too late. Having a first proper kiss (or making out/french kiss etc) is kind of one of those necessary skills that people just pick up. But sadly I've never picked them up and i know its making feel like I'm being held back. Especially with the fact that i know I'm losing girls that I've fallen for now and in the past, with Emma, Sadie being engaged and liv and sasha knocked up, it make me feel lost and far behind.

So tonight is going to be the journey of going to a place which i might be able to get that first kiss for a certain amount of money, just to clear this up, i'm not paying to have sex with a girl here, i need to build my stages up properly and prove myself one base at a time. Yes i meant bases due to that reason people say with "you got to 3rd base OMG" and phrases like that. Before i did this, i did have the final shave before i hopefully finally become a man:
The final shave before this night began

But with the chance to do this, i was not going to miss this, so i had a normal day at work, sure i did get a little lecture of information taking but that is a common thing. But the day went on smoothly, with a few customers here and there, reinstalling the staff PC at work and maybe fixing a wireless issue on a friends toshiba as well as watching KH2 speedruns on twitch, also i was meant to be selling a sky+ box i bought for £10 to a friend but he didn't turn up which is a shame *sigh*.

But i left for home at about 4:50, topped up £100 on my card from a HDD replacement i did last weekend and then i ran off, i got home to find the place empty and i went into the garage to turn the pumps on then it was a case of checking e-mails, hoovering the lounge from the cat litter. Then my sister arrived home with lighter blonde hair and we chatted, then she said she was out tonight as well, but i'm leaving long before her, but she was having pre drinks. After that, i made a sandwich while backing up my phone pictures, it was a nice Turkey, chocolate biscuit, salad and brown sauce sandwich:
The sandwich before tonight, it looks quite nice but messy 
Then it was a matter of waiting and prepping myself up. I had decided to leave earlier due to the fact the weather is nicer and i might pop down the barbican for a bit, So, i decided to get ready about 6:45, well after sending e-mails and then watching AOE on twitch again.
After the shower, it was time to get changed and then also cain on brushing my teeth, i think i ended up taking 10 minutes on that alone, but better breath and teeth is good right ??.

But soon it was coming up to 7:30 and time was getting towards having to head off, since it was good weather and even Windows 8's weather app said it was 19C which isn't bad but much better than what the weather could of been like. I finished preparing and then i get a PM asking for a battery for an old toshiba laptop, but he gave the serial number, which was easy to track a fake battery down for it, then checked outside to actually feel for real if i do need a bit extra fabric warmth (a jumper/hoodie etc), it felt reasonable but a slight wind, but if i'm running everywhere, it should be ok.
By 7:40, i left for the bus...since the GPS is working, i tested it out. i blitzed it after speaking to my sisters friend, sarah, who reminded of a ex i fell for once many years ago, named janine. She was nice and she was suprised when i said i've ran home from Plymouth, my sister said "please don't run home tonight",  but its only if anything happens. I smiled and ran down 

I got to lidl in about 10 minutes, 20 seconds, the breezes was nice and calm, and the sunset by lidl was really a sign that summer is here and strong, but it arrived and i paid my £4.50 return then sat at the bottom for a change.

Near lidl when getting the bus before this journey began
the journey was quiet, i mean i could have a peaceful time, typing this up, with the sun warming my back as i leaned on its almost scratched sole. But soon, i made it into town and this final challenge in my life to prove i can catch up to the rest of this mass society shithole will begin.
I got in about 8:30 from the library, then walked over to drakes circus and started vlogging, the night was crystal clear, the moon in the air and i decided to visit the casino first, now it was busy but after 5 minutes walking about, i found a seat at the bj table and bet £5.After getting a 18 and a 19. I won £6 and walked out after cashing it, well, i cant fuck about with betting money i might need. 

Arriving into town near the uni and library

Then i ran my way to a bar and restaurant i've always wanted to take miss camps to, Wagammas. Now they were and are doing a drinks promotion for the summer, every wed to sat night. I decided to run there through millbay, just so i can see where i need to go for this night to work smoothly. I ran and got there. It was amazing views of the place. Then i knew it was time to find the chance. So i walked out (after having to look for the toilet for a piss). 

Running to millbay to get to waga

The green tea

Leaving wagamamma

Then i walked and looked around millbay for a chance with a girl, i strolled and looked, i was a bit nervous but i couldn't find any girl that had the Signs of a prozzy. But i wandered around until it was near 10:10. I decided to make my way to the alleged oceana of sweat and hopefully girls willing to kiss. 
Making my way there wasn't too much of a journey, the barbican was okay, slightly busy but it was not good, I did pop in the Berkeley for a piss, that was meh and there was a couple of ssbbw girls there, one at a hen party. But it was starting to make a bit of a strain on my feet.
I Also saw Alana and we hugged and i said hi to Katie, with a beautiful dress. That and some smug dealer was outside the kfc in union street, well the chef was close to talking to him and he said to me "what were you doing with your life", when i said "i don't smoke", then it was a quick chat with the staff and it was about the young (they looked like chavs)

Passing the barbican quickly

Well that was quick and in by 10:40, some girl I saw fell down and her panties were showing, i asked if she was ok, she said she was in a nice drunk way, thats ok. Then i make it into Oceana, i instantly see ash, i she smiled and she looked amazing, i mean i would get excited if i hugged her style amazing. for the first time, we chatted, I was happy, we asked how each other were, I even nearly asked her out to a meal. She was smiling but she said she didnt want to, implied it at the very least. But i mean i wanted to hug this disney mermaid goddess badly, i could not stop admiring how nice her arms and smile were. I then blurted out "I wonder what it would be like to hug you". Then she went off to get a drink. We part our ways. 

Then it was passing time. I had some good times and bad. I'll list them,  some of these i do have audio bits of but i might include them in the vlog

  • I hugged a girl i have on facebook, she actually  gave me a semi
  • Sophie actually smiled at me
  • Ash and me had a conversation and we had something in common, more than once. 
  • Becky T looked sexy and she told me where prozzy lane is as well as ash and sophie were on their way.
  • Two guys from Birmingham helped me and some girl said I wouldn't pull because of me wearing my hawaiian shirt 
  • I Hugged Emily R for her 18th as well as miss welsh
  • I had a selfie with a bbw, she was really interested in me for some reason
  • I picked up Chelsie when hugging her, it was nice and she was surprised and  maybe i was hugging her tightly, but she is very slim
  • Random guys and girls saying hi and shaking my hand. 
  • Someone did warn me about commenting on some girls pics since ot was his girlfriend. 
  • I was close to a kiss by giving a girl named lauren a kiss on the cheek, her friend was trying to pretend i was dating her, right in front
  • Of her boyfriend i guess from the body language
  • I almost had my first kiss with chelsie who was tired out. I said i could pay her but then her nice looking friend pretty much said i was freaking her out. 
  • I had to look after a friend of taryenes then i hugged tar and i did say " i wish we could date".
  • I also a nice girl with cute curves and nice pout called emma, she smiled first then said "go away" later on 
But i left oceana, i did smile at ash as i left. then it was noticing soph sitting waiting for some food. I actually sat down and we spoke to each other, i mean this is something ive wanted to do for a long time. But it just ended up something that happened with amy and the same feelings just spoken differently. Then she said about the plan for tonight, which then
Comes at a point where its just any chance to be with her out of the windows. i know she meant well, but im feeling at a lost end which this is where this whole night happened. But one thing she did say that snapped me, it felt a shock. "It wont be me or someone you know, but it will happen" that just makes me realise i know i have to of done this more than ever. Even though shes says "im better than that" with reference to the plan and tonight so far. I felt that i had just renacted the may night out but with someone i just care about more. But then she left for a taxi with ash and i just sat and stared at the sky. Then ate some uncheesed chip next to me. that and i asked her about when she went to malia, she said it was shit which was before the heated discussion 

I decided to have one last try, since its still the solution to becoming a better person, and these things are still important and its holding me prisoner, so i sprinted and got to the citroen dealership, since becky told me they were nearby and i browsed around. Some guy did come up and we both looked before it was all too late, so we both made our way back to our origins.

I'm not sure where this was but it was at this point

But before that happened i funnily enough, met 3 girls on my way, it turned out one of them was sophie's sister, im not kidding. But we chatted, i said what happened and they told me how they wandered for pubs since char lpst her id i the taxi and they all had to share £10 which was spent on the taxi. Megan asked if i looked like her online self, I said slightly but her face wasn't chubby, but she said sorry and mentioned she lost weight in the face. then she wanted to have a selfie with me. Which i did. But then they headed off to goodbodies,  I think they said i could join them, which maybe should of been the better option. 

But after checking, i ran to goodbodies from nearby the citron dealer in just 21 minutes, sure you get the drunk people laughing but i can go fast, and that was on almost empty in a phrase. I reached there and no sign of them at all, so i just walked to thecshop and bought a can of tango near charleys then drunk it a door away from hers, i text the house but it was too late, so i wondered if it was really worth just running home. 

The tango apple for £0.49
But i would get in shit so i just walked to the house and to be honest, typed this up from here on out. Ok maybe i did get let in by nath when he got up for work, man working at 7:30am sucks but more money so its a risk worth taking. 

The twilight view
Then it ended up me, Nath, Taylor and James, in Nath's room just chatting about things, from her shift to i summed up a short bit of what happened this night. Then it turned into something with osaka wrestling on fightbox, which sounded really intense and looked from the blurry vision

After nath left, i pretty much slept on the sofa, i was tired but it was a not too bad powernap, but i properly woke up after the cat was sleeping on me and i was feeling cold, it was 8:40 and the bus was 8:53. I wrote on the whiteboard along the phrase of "thanks for letting me crash tonight" and i know i felt like i shouldn't of relied on them like that, even though pete woke them up earlier on. 

So, the bus journey home, well it wasn't too bad and the whole part of tonight, is that i only spent my money on 4 things

Bus journey there - £4.50
Gambled £5 on bj - won £6 so i got £11 
Tango apple - £0.49
Bus journey home - £4.50

That is pretty good, and i'm happy that i didn't lose any money from what i took just to make sure i could cover the kissing costs if i got lucky, i'm not sure why sophie said £30 is over the top but i did explain that some people charge £25 just for eating junk food and shes beautiful enough to get a kiss from anyone shes wants, but unlike  her, i'm someone who has no experience in anything like this, i know that money doesn't matter to get the experiences that are the important life changing ones.

But i got home, i was about to get a shower then my parents came home 10 minutes after me, but my sister did cook some eggs and i added some extras to it
The fried eggs with, fried bread, tomatoes, lettuce, crackers, biscuit, ketchup and a small bit of brown sauce

But this ends another chapter and to be honest another bad night out for now, maybe some mini blogposts might come soon but no nights out for  long while, i might of been going out for a meal in the next few weeks but after this night, i'm probably going to guess i'm not worth the effort because i'm too desperate and fall for someone too quickly. But its more lessons learnt and even parts of the night i had tears coming out of my eyes but that was actually typing this up.