Sunday, 1 November 2015

A Spooky Catch Up

Well i've been quiet for the most part since the big events of Goose Fair, Working in the market has been a long and busy time, but now phones are setup, dust sheets are ok to hang up and i smell nice breakfast food everyday just in front of the stall. That and i've been more active on feabie than other places mostly,

Also i've started and finished PAC-MAN And the Ghostly Adventures, which is pretty much an ok game, apart from the repetitve puns and also lol CEDX music was used for the Ice Realm. But the ending ended with this line "...lunch". I actually loled and walked away on stream while twitching.

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Also Back to the Future day was nice, I came home and relaxd to watch that. It felt nice and nostalgic in all honesty. There was also fapping and some more pizza buying for pics and rainy days and late nights and there was some dogwalking before Rose was spaded but that didn't do much in terms of her calming down, she still is as playful as ever which selfie sticks make silent vlogs and get dislikes.

A Halloween special to Plan.

To be honest, this was planned since the stall got a letter which mentioned that stall runners/holders must dress up for some event that was happeneing, so i was naturally going to go to plymouth to get the 80s jacket to make well, jacket (a hotline miami cosplay i've been trying since Charley invited me to hers for a night out, i miss her but all the same with time and rings) Which myself has been one of those, "ugh, I don't feel like going or weathers shit" type moments and low and behold I was in a rush to get it sorted. 

Well, luckily I had friday evening free to myself so after work, I ran to Tescos (actually ran from whitchurch road up the hill after market inn since i was walking up there with a customer i'm good friends with) and first popped to lidl, nope, no spooky ideas, just christmas import stock. Then ran to tescos and I saw no deals and no mask I wanted, It was a run to Morrisons and i found both the mask and the Tea I was having for that Night. 
Getting to Lidl

Buying the mask and the food for that night. Total cost was £7.89
Well after a mini batch and microwaving 60 pieces of chicken in about 30 minutes (10 minutes for about each bag), I was chilling on the couch, eating the meal l while having 85 youtube subscriptions to catch up on. I eventually was about to prepare to get 2 cosplays shown off, but i walked Rosie in wet weather first. 
60 Pieces of chicken, onion rings, ketchup and peanut butter for a nice late meal. 
Then the first one was to be Dennis, now this worked slightly nicely since the grey jacket I mostly wear did have an 80s feel to it. So, finding some places to talk selfies was the plan, using a kitchen knife to make it more authentic too. I was Dennis whom i could "Start with knife".
The Dennis cosplay. Ok the mask wasn't perfect but meh. 
Which it took me 30 min to add the shot from the game on there, which was ok. But after having to put the dog in the cage for a bit, I could setup the selfie for the main costume, which was a typical werewolf, which not many people had, sure there were some scar makeups, even ash made a wolf scar look like something from Jurrassic World would do for an extra that was attacked on film which is a 10/10 effort, (shes a 9 as she is without any loss of lbs). I was excited to work like what i was going to be, a good thrill. 
The selfie of my uniform for Halloween itself,
But then my parents were back from their anniversary date and it was time to sleep n fap for the big day. 

Time for a spooky day.

Well waking up at 7 was early for me but maybe the hype of doing this was good, but after a fapping and a shower, I put the costume on and by 8:50 I was attempting to run to work, it was actually hard since the pockets were like a waddle in fast mode, swinging all over the place and it was bad enough with holes in both pockets and my iphone dying with the home button. 

Eventually i got into work about 9:05 and it was time to take down covers and move tills and setup, it was a mix of customers throughout the day until 2pm, it was really quiet for me, but then by 3:45 I had to move stock into the inside stall due to a security risk due to the heritiage festival . But after that, dropping something off and a toilet break, i had to go to a customers house for a quick lesson then by 5:45 I was back in Tavi and ran home, in the dark with the pockets bashing my thighs and the keys stabbing the left thigh. But i did do a Halloween from omracer instagram for the moment of scare and similar to the Christmas one. Which reminds me, i might do that again like last year but maybe not since buying presents for girls i love gets me nowhere but dicks do it and get a cuddle in 20 minutes later :@.

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But then it was a case of watching BobRoss on Twitch while my parents ordered then we all watched it while eating Chinese, it was tasty and not as overfilling as last time, but i'll be having some a month later due to Dickensian which how i'm vlogging is a mystery to me but meh.
A nice Chinese 
After that, some WB action with Scooby doo then making pumpkin and apple juice and then seeing a funny attempt at a cat pumpkin carving then she headed off for a holiday with her boyfriend for his birthday . Then it was relaxing and browsing until later on when it was time to freshen up.

The pumpkin lit

Bathroom preparing.

Now, I needed to get some prep work done before No Shave November starts. With that, I started typing this and then shaved then typed the rest up, only a few minor cuts happened but with beard, eyebrows and moustache now clean, I can feel fresh and secure about myself again. Also I weighed in and i'm nearly 182lb. 
Before Shaving

After shaving

My new weight

Now its time to see how i've gotten on and what needs to be done for those Year Resolutions since this year is only 60 days away :/.

Goal progress

To be honest, its felt like a bit of a shit progress, with Emma moved in,
Charley still ringed up, Sophie now hitched and others lost out, devved up or not interested . My love life has gotten well, back to before april, part of me knows maybe I have to try online dating before booking grace since thats what she advised me to do, as well as sandy and fin did too. But especially with the costs and no possible matches or more of the swipe left, its getting to the stage that I maybe should just give up and pay for those romantic needs to be cured but to be honest I want to text her but i'm too nervy. But with the stall i'm seeing more couples, heck I even saw bbws hugging ther lovers while working today, a sigh but admiring eyes  is going to nag at me. 

That and video game wise, i've finished an extra game, i'm impressed and i'm surprised at how quick it was too. But lets stop rambling and i need to clear the goals up:

  • Get into my first relationship - The way its going, thats not going to happen this year
  • Have a mates or friends day out - Maybe this is too late now
  • Cook for a girl or group of girls - I see this just a rare thing, no luck this year
  • Finish 2 prisons on The Escapists - This is scrapped, i've finished Hotline Miami 2 and its fucking hard as hell. Pacman and the Ghostly adventures was an odd game to finish too.
  • Purchase and finish Oddworld New N Tasty - I've DONE IT
  • Finish KH 2.5 HD Remix - ALL DONE. That final full week in September was the last bit, I think it was 2am nights
  • Watch a studio Ghibli Film - Done this
  • Enjoy a meal with friends or a date at a Restaurant - Done with Gracie, I'm too nervy to book her again for this year anyway. Maybe once a year might be the better way to sort this and maybe it would be like having a girlfriend I see once a year but Distance and Money stop us from seeing each other more often.
And there we are, a review of how I feel with my life goals at the moment Luckily there is a mexican meal for next week so this might be fun with glass and the house and some mates, some girls/ladies too. For now enjoy being wasted to with loved ones doing something i probably dream of since i'm far away from that goal.