Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tavistock Goose Fair 2016 - A Mild LED Evening

Well, this is the evening of the fair, with lush and moonlight weather as well as more walking and a LED change in the air maybe. But All I know is, it went quite smoothly and nicely. So lets start this off. The vlog is below:

A Rush down to the Fair

So, it was 7:15, I was just about to leave after a shower and changing while the Day vlog was being up, I decided on a shirt and jumper, a hoodie which actually came from a neighbours shop in work months ago, but I rushed down and listened along with a Picture of the view. 

The view is just about there

Time to have a BroLEDwse 

AS we head into the street
I walked in and past the barriers, it was time to put the shoes on, which I did and people had reactions everywhere, some good and only one bad, As i was passing I saw chloe which was "oh its mattie marker", " Hey Mattie". that was a wave. Soon after i walked into a shoe stall which low and behold, I was copied, WHITE TRAINER LED SHOES, and for £25 as well. I was tempted for a 3rd pair as a backup since this was my last pair but I said nah and walked on, I might regret that by the end of the year.

Busy streets #throughglass

The shoes for £25 which i got tempted on.

Then it was a walk, A walk which was long but the stalls of food, colouring, polish and more in the courtyard, to seeing my parents and they asked if i was vlogging (since i told them about the powwow contest). Then I walked my way to the fair, passing crowds and seeing the shoes get love and "OMG I NEED THEM". But then it was the bus station, and a good friend i've made from him visiting us in work (one of the janitor's for the landlord) saw me and we caught up, from Skylanders talk, Pokemon Go talk, Samsung talk and generally "nothing much happened in the market".

Then it was time to look in the Fairground and it was hyped but not heaving, With rides nearly packed, queues were 2 people to nearly off the line and much more. Not many people were seen apart from a couple I saw on the Tuesday night, passing Mcdougall who was with her boyf and the kids that one was in the tuesday vlog with (how funny is it that the thumbnail is me and her, dam YT auto thumbnails)


A Helter Skelter

Typhoon in a blur

Stargate with a hypnotic shape

The PHantom menace is ready for the next ride
The thurst of the Terminators

Tilt for Tagada

Then it was time to enter the Square which was through the path next to the river, which with flashing shoes, led me to the square. That was still pretty busy at 8pm and some stalls were starting to do last sales and some were queued up or packed. But some deals on slushie, some deals on watches and VR headsets,food and drink were doing very popular,  But, I felt slightly hungry but ignored it since it wasn't that bad.

A busy view #throughglass

Rock N Roll Dodgems 


Then I walked up, which that was hardly much to be gawping at, okay sure, we had smartwatches for £10 and various clothes and also Pirate Gear. Then it was walking in the amusements and seeing slot machines and coin pushers, I do miss it but walked on  Chilled foods were busy and packed, and no mess from there. Which was not surprising when there was an offer for thorntons for £2.00, i know mum bought 2 boxes i think. But it came to the Auctioneers, which was interesting when i found out Nose trimmers are £20. That was nice but since i have the facial  trimmer. Then I made my way past stalls and lights, seeing people look at the shoes and another ganders around the fair it was.

More fair views
#Extremerideuk #throughglass

But Time was ticking and browsing was still happening, Passing the 2nd time, I saw a mate and he was looking for a budget PC so i was going to sell him this i3 which is the same specs apart from the RAM as my steambox but bigger literally. I also saw josh who said hi. Then I walked back around the square. Which this time around, It was still busy, Although JP walked passed me and he waved as i tried to say hi to him while he was with mates. But passing up the road again and there was a deal I was Tempted by, a pirated retro games console, the PVE something 2 which was a 16bit console that was portable but plugged into a TV via RCA, that and a bluetooth speaker combined for £20, tempted but not for the speaker, So i haggled, the redhead sales rep asked about glass, I said "its like the smartwatch but in glasses", "oh cool, I noticed you with it bit wasn't sure on what it was. Sadly no deal was struck. 

Looking back towards the square 

Then I started to walk my way back, which apart from people asking on the shoes still, it was pretty quiet, Sure it was one last browse on the fair, then some of my landlords staff saw me and we chatted a short bit before they went off to see someone else. But then it was my first purchase of the night, 6 boxes of incense for £4, this was some premium packs as well.

The incense for £4.

Then I walked along and it was still busy, but I noticed a xbox one wireless controller, a used one which was from Argos and that was £20, it did look slightly tatty, but I passed since i have a PS3 controller for steam and of course a ps3 and vita TV. So, I walked on and it was then a stand for donuts, which was 4 for £2.50, so I went for 8 for a £5. mmmm

The donuts for £2.50 a bag

Then I walked on and on, which it turned out to be a sweet stall for £0.50 a tub, i've not seen that, even from last year, So flying saucers were bought. Which was my final bit.

The flying saucers 

Finally it was nearing 9:50 and I decided to say that its and run home, which thanks for a bag, made it easier even with this head cold still whining around in my body. Alas it was time to leave for another year, not the last time for Funfair rides anyway. 

Our final #throughglass look before another year done 

And it was then done, I was home, Walked rosie and say my parents coming up the hill near her usual toilet place, the fair was still loud in the clear sky and I can't believe how time felt rapid at this point.

And that is that, with one more blogpost and vlog to go before Tavistock is Fairless once again, Its been a pleasure and maybe more hype to see in the next year if all goes to plan