Friday, 23 December 2016

A Santa Christmas Shop

Twas the 3 days before Christmas and Santa needed to get some people presents and also see the sights of a city before it ends the year of 2016. Join him as offers and crowds are abound.

The preperation. 

So he woke up, after getting hyped up with what today could bring. He got up and went for a shower, with the Hot chocolate chilli shower gel on his skin and hair wash to make it real. Then he proceeded to getting changed but before that, He checked his E-mails and his FreedomPop account since it was Billing Day and found out he was suspended, He called FP up from the house phone, spoke to a rep and went through the rebilling process and also had to add premium voice since he realised his ulefone paris doesn't let the FP app show the keypad. After that he got prepared, his trousers ripped but he put jeans on underneath to make sure it wasn't too embarrassing for him. Then by 9:58 she was ready to cycle to buy the gifts 

The outfit

The fresh cycle. 

The cycle was a reasonable one, with cars hooting when passing and the weather with bluesky and eventually after breathlessness and legs tirring and bigger rips, the time was nearly 11:30 and then it was there. The bike was parked and he was ready to go for a toilet before getting the presents purchased. 

The fresh sky and winter fields

The wet paths

The muddy path

A visit to a pub omracer will be for boxing day

The bridge over the A38

The time of Santa Arriving

Time for shopping

He arrived and after his Toilet break to find bigger trouser rips, he started. Exploring places in Drake's Circus was for later so he walked to Maplins to find some reasonable headphones, but the prices were a bit higher so it was a nope from me. Then I walked towards the bottom of town, visiting the market and other parts like Cash converters, Wants and Nerdz. Not much in terms of deals for me this time, but it was time to walk up.

A view of the crowds at the bottom of Town
As he walked up, it was seeing the crowds everywhere and the Christmas Market had fleed. But he made is way into CEX which had an idea of a 4GB DDR3  laptop stick for £10 and a 1TB used SSHD for £45. That was tempting for him but he didn't go for it. Then he walked into Game and noticed when browsing, there was a Freedompop Sim Pack, which tempted him, so he went up ahead and thought about it.

An Empty Plaza

He was Looking Back  to the sundial

Then I walked up to Drake's Circus, with crowds heaving in various places. But before that, was Game, which Had the NowTV card but not the FP Sims as far as he saw. The sights were full of crowds, queues in stores, classic dance tunes (which you heard) in HMV as well.

Drake's Circus at a busy time

 He went to HMV and looked around at the headphones, but Then he called someone after asking for a rep for advice on them, it turns out it was for a tablet, so he went with the Sony ones for £19.99. Then it was him to choose 2 DVDs for £20 due to an offer, so he went for Warcraft and Secret Life of Pets. He then proceded to pay, it came to £39.99 and that drake's circus gift card he won paid this. 

The presents for £39.99 in total
Then he proceeded to look into clintons briefly, which actually looked like a heaving mess and then he looked at this card pack for £2.99 and pondered before ending up accidently walking out with it, he rushed back to put it there and was a phew. But then it was a costa trip for giftcards which actually was funny when they ran out of stock. So It was a case of going to the Costa in waterstones. 

When he got in there, he was waiting in the queue and this amazing blonde ssbbw was serving, with her cute hair to her round smile to her amazing shape. She was lovely in accent and kindness too. She even complimented him and he got the 2 £10 costa cards, but the gift card didn't work for paying for it. So 2 £10 notes was the way to go. He even got a feeling below when looking at her. 

The costa gift cards, £20 in total. 
When packing them up, 2 old ladies talked to him, hoping they would get something nice for christmas from Santa, and one hoping he would see Santa after 8 years or so. Then he packed it in the bag and headed out to buy the next gift. The NowTV Pass and FP Sims. So he got them and waited in the queue and there was almost a struggle to get the giftcard to be paying for it, since the staff asked about how much was on there, but they got it sorted nicely. 

The nowTV pass and the FP Sims
Then it was a case of him wandering around town, seeing deals and trying to get some wrapping paper and that was a poundland idea. Which they struggled to have idea for christmas card packs so he left, which was a shame since there were so many ideas that could of been had. Boots was heaving and full of ideas he didn't know on what to pick.

The selfie of Santa in Glass

Then he headed back up and went to Lush but that was queueing and it ended up a trip for M&S which was busy and had some good ideas, like running lights and  other bits, Then work called and he was busy dealing with that, while looking at perfumes and other bits and pieces. 

The lights #throughglass

Then it was time to head to get the cards and the wrapping paper he was needing to buy. So Clintons it was, with a shorter queue and the cards were not too bad. Luckily that cost £4.50 so that was time to get that paid for and then time to see how he gets home.

The wrap and the Cards to Write out

The wet journey home.

IT was 3:18 and he cycled off, with his shopping done, Santa finally could get home, with wet weather towards the end and a phonecall halfway through made a delay to happen. The legs were tiring, the trousers were soaked and the phone was being low on battery. By Monksmead, it was a shame that the back tyre went which meant it was a struggle for him to get up the hill but then the chain fell off which sadly made things easier just for him to walk up. So in 2 hours and 2 minutes, he was finally home. 

The view back of town 

A Stormy night was approaching. 

And that was that, Santa was ready to get this all sorted and after a small meal, he was ready to get this up. Just 3 days before christmas. But this will be the last of him this year...