Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Day 11

Its been a good day today.
Break was good. Well i tried experiencing feederism with Hannah Blowey (attractive with brown eyes, average height, darker blond hair with a nice voice and one of Millie's closest mates) using a poppadom dipped in some sauce. It backfired of course since she got nervous but before i attmepted it i did say to her "go with me on this" then did it.

Media was entertaining. The class was split up into 4 groups. Each group was to design their own quiz show. Our Group's idea was a quiz show that was hosted on top of a roof in a city.Each show was hosted in a different city & the contesants were from the city that the show was in at the time. Each series was to be in a different country from India to Holland etc. It was good fun tbh.

Japanese was ok. 2 mins after it started the fire alarm went off and everyone had to stand in your tutor group line & get registered. again it was another fake fire alarm. I di have a very short chat with Abbey (she looked stunning today as well). On they way back to lesson I was chatting to Millie & Ben. I had a chat up line which was "Maybe someone as hot as you could warm me up". Chatting to Millie, Perry & Lindsey for most of the lesson while doing one of the questions on the Mock Writing paper.

-==Just a tiny notice==-
Oh just to let you know that Millie & Abbey have been invited to Author & moderate this blog like i do.
-==Just a tiny notice==-

Lunch was average. Was Chatting to Sam Miller then chatting to Liv,April & Gabrielle & brought a Bacon, Baked Bean & Sausage Pasty for 90p (which is good value to me). Then I went to chat to Millie & Hannah for the rest of lunch.

Business was alright. Tor looked stunning today (it was probably the foundation but still really stunning). The zip on my pencil case broke but Joe Hair fixed it for me (thanks for that Joe if hes reading this).

Science was good. After me & David doing some of the work (more than most of the others done anyway) I went & chatted to Mille,Jamie,Ben,Chris & Gabrielle. I tried Flirting with Gabrielle but it didn't work.

Will be updated tomorrow.