Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday 12th January (Day 3)

Well its a soaking wet start of the second week in 2009.
Had Assembly today. Our Headmaster based it on challenges and why people should give up the challenges they undertaken. its a longer way of saying what you put in you get out. for example if you have studied thoroughly for an exam you will get high marks in that exam. Shame that is not always 100% true sir. I feel like my New Years Resolution is like a really hard challenge for me but I'm determined to achieve it.

Well that was boring then after that it was Japanese. Some girl i rather moved back into out set. Shes called Millie Chinn. Well Millie is tall with soft brown hair (if its curled it really,really,really,really stunning and then some more) and lush hazel like eyes. We were friends but we fell out on the 18Th December 2008 and hasn't forgiven me since then even though i keep saying sorry.
What happened was that she asked me what I think was attractive about her compared to one of her mates who was sitting opposite her in our science classroom & I said she had an Xtra Factor compared to her mate (you will find out who on Wednesday) but she thought I said she was fat & that's how it happened.

The fire alarm went off for 20 Min's and it was a false alarm or it could of been the boilers in one of the boys Toilets (according to James Lockley).

Later during the day it gets so much better. In English we were reading Chapter 3 of "O Mice O Men" by John Steinbeck (who is a socialist) & i like the book since its focuses on the Great Depression & The American Dream & all that.

By the end of lunch my heart was racing.
What happened was that i was walking round the refectory & the girl i love so much (Abbey Coombe) & her two best mates (April Rendle) ran right past me & one of them asked me if i wanted to go with them & hold Abbey's hand as well so I went with them and then someone came over and want me for something then they forced me to dance & Abbey asked as well & April added Abbey would will kiss me if i do. My heart just wanted me to dance so i did & then again & again & again. After that she kissed her hand & touched my face & then 5 Min's later she kissed me on the cheek. Maths was OK but Summer Piper, Jasmine Hocking & Ella Selman were being a bit annoying.

Unless you know me you would probably be confused thinking "Who the hell are the people I'm talking about?" This would help you:

  1. Abbey Coombe is a beautiful, stunning, kinky, shorter than average height, dark sea blue eyes girl. She is so sweet in personality and anyone who is with her will find out very quickly. I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH...............Shame Shes not mine :-.(
  2. April Rendle is like a Blond Angel. Long Blond hair & has a extremely bubbly & hyper personality. She can laugh at anything (as long as one of her mates make the joke).
  3. Summer Piper looks attractive. With Blue eyes, short black fluffy like hair & mixed personality. She can be quite loud even though i like her voice at rare times but is nice more though :D. She likes to drink as well.
  4. Jasmine Hocking is a nice girl & attractive. She has long blackish hair, average height. Can be very aggressive at rare times. Very good friends with Summer Piper.
  5. Ella Selman is good looking. Has very curly hair, brown eyes and is friends with Jasmine & Summer.

Well I've got an exam tomorrow which i haven revised for yet. Its an Electronics one though so i should be good at it.