Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thursday 16th January 2009 (Day 6)

Well after yesterday's problems I thought today was going to be bad but it didn't turn out so bad. but i did have a really bad stomach ache during the morning.
Well in English things didn't turn out as bad as i thought. Sadie & Liv reassured me to keep the blog. Anyways we carried on reading "O Mice O Men" and we read the bit was about when Crooks, Lennie & Candy were all in the barn together. Sadie understands it as well as i do even more (well since shes know the end) and as well as that she did say something to me which is stuck in my mind which was something along the lines of "I wanna be as big as a house before i'm 18" which surpirsed me in a good way. She didn't mean it though.

In PE I had basketball which was alright. I slided accidently twice which hurt my ass & hands alot. Once during one of the warm up activites & once during one of the games....I Think.
for the matches everyone was in a teams of 4 & Sadie was one of my teammates. We were close to winning on some matches but we didn't. Mostly because of me.

Break was ok. Sadie came over & chatted for a while which cheered me up. She can cheer anyone up. My stomach was really hurting by this time.

Maths was average. Didn't talk to Abbey though :-(. We were learning about using Formulae which was at Grade D level but it was part one of 2 lessons which the second part is tommorrow. Summer Piper asked me how i remeber stuff that happened earlier. I said i kind of sticks into my head

IT Nothing happened.

Business was intresting since we were learning about the EU & the euro affecting businesses & the public. The funny thing that happened was that the person sat next to me (Tor Mills. A very attractive girl with medium brown hair, sweet voice & many other nice things which i can't remeber) heard about this and slap me three times. But that was for a different reason which was that when she slapped me she would be mentioned on here. it was weird but funny though.
But for most of the lesson i was checking out (or admiring) Janine Bartlett. Shes one extremely attractive girl with long soft hair which is nicely coloured. Kind of like Ruby's only darker. Brown eyes and plump lips. I was in love with her for 9 months. J9 Beats & Tunes ( was based on her (which hasn't been updated and for that i'm sorry).

After school the gates were locked so alot of people including me were annoyed......10 mins later some caretaker opened the gates.

Well for the Challenge i've undertaken (the main reason this blog was set up for) progress has been going really slow and with Abbey & Sadie (I've had a thing for her & she knows it too) being taken it makes me feel like I won't be able to be in a intermate relationship which isn't good. Any Chance with Millie has just walked right out the window and then some (which is all my fault). But its currently early days and I won't be able to attempt the other challenge until 9th March 2009.

I've think i've wrote enough. Now for some Trackmania Nations Forever. I downloaded it off steam during the Xmas holidays & its a good FREEWARE Game. You can either download it off Steam Here or off the Trackmania Website Here. If you have a Trackmania Nations or and Steam account my username for both is "omracer".

Good Night