Friday, 16 January 2009

Friday 16 January 2009 (Day 7)

Today's been ok. Things have calmed down a bit but there are the little things to sort out. Which reminds me to tell you that the following changes have been made:

  1. This blog is not listed in the blogger directory & in search engines (for example google). Even though I've changed it it might still come up in google (That is now beyond my control).

  2. I've had many people asking for things to be changed or deleted. Mostly negative things have been deleted. Please read this before you asked for things to be changed since it means it doesn't break the terms of service if i mention something negative about someone unless its a lie. For wanting stuff added (For example Summer Piper just asked me a minute ago to mention one of her mates I don't even know called Martin to be in this). Let me remind all that this is a form of a diary and I don't just put random people in it since a lot of people have though this is so.

I think that will help reader understand.

First off in English we started (or continued for 10 or so of us) our original piece of writing coursework. The minimum amount of words for the piece is about 700. That kind of worries me but we have until 30Th of January to complete it so it doesn't feel so bad. Chatted with Sadie for a bit as well.I loved her before but not as much as Abbey. I also found out that someone is spamming the link of this to many people (and blogger isn't filtered in school anymore which makes me kinda nervous.

Break was OK. Sat with Summer, Jasmine & one of their mates for a bit. They asked about the blog (It seems to be on every one's mind atm).

Science was OK. Ben Pridham asked me if I wanted to go with him to a Party at St Dominics on Saturday. I said no. I'm not really that confident at parties (I've only been to a party in Oct 2007 & in year 6) since most of them are now more alchol involved. I found out my Grade for the retakes I taken in November 2008 & I Got:
  • A Grade C for the Chemistry 1A Paper.
  • A Grade B for the Physics 1B Paper.
  • A Grade C for the Physics 1A Paper (the one that was mentioned in the news because it had mistakes on the paper.)

Maths was good. It was the second part of using formulae. It was harder but i understood it. It was funny since there was some argument but Jamie Montgomery had to hold Abbey's Mirror up so she could do her hair. I could admire her doing that for hours.

Lunch was good. I ended up walking around with Sadie for a chat about relationships. But before that someone shown me a picture of this ssbbw. She was around 600lbs + I think. He asked "You like that don't you?" I said shes a bit too big for me. Sadie then said something like "I wanna be as big as that" in her sweet feminine Birmingham accent (which is another thing I love about her). I think im gonna have to talk to her about it since if she had the chance i would give to her if she is being serious.

Media was entertaining. Learing about the influence of the 1950's American Media had on ITV when it first started in 1955.

Japanese was good. Millie was talking to me now (yay things are being resolved-ish). She suggested i should go to the party i mentioned earlier. I said no & told her why not. Shes going to it as well as Ruby & Janine & Leah & their mates in a Taxi (A bit confusing). We chatted to each other about things. When the person sitting next to Millie was talking about rubbing bellys (A nice fantasy i like) I kinda got turned on really quickly and up it went (you know what im talking about). Then pretty much we were chatting about my sex life & Millie thinks i'm not ready for sex. I kind of agree with her but I feel i've still gotta do the challenge.

Overall this school week started off good but slipped from Wednesday Afternoon and then went up again. I feel that something isn't right and i don't know what.

Laters. at 9pm in going to watch CNN.

bye all