Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Rules/Conditions

Even though my resolutions are the ones in the post above there are some rules i will have to follow to make it better for me.

If i break any of these rules it will mean that i have not completed any of my resolutions but it doesn't mean i won't give up.

  1. Rule 1: If i get into a relationship it has to be for at least 15 days or more.

  2. Rule 2: It doesn't count if I have sex with someone who is very drunk since I want her to remeber that she had sex with me INSTEAD of one of her mates telling her the next morning. Also I can't be drunk while having sex.

  3. The sex MUST BE SAFE. i.e we both use protection.

  4. The Relationship MUST have some form on intermacy. i.e there must be a passionate kiss every so often.