Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Wednesday 14th January 2009 (Day 5)

Ok apart from last lesson this has been a good day really.

In Eletronics it was ok. We chose what project we wanted to do for our coursework.

In Media we had our Grades for our animation & i got a Grade D. Thats like my target grade for nearly all of my subjects so if i reach it i still won't have a good chance for jobs.

Japanese was average. We were going thorugh a reading & responding exam. It was alright even though i was bored out of my head & chatting to Ruby Luxton. Shes very attractive with dark brown kind of hair, nice voice and for some reason is interested in this blog which confueses me.

Lunch went ok. I was tslking to Sadie for like the last 10 mins & i accidently got erected over her. It not the first time though thats happened though. The thing is she knows what turns me on though which is one of the special things about her is that she can turn most normal sexual prefrenced guys on.

Business went ok. Except that Gareth Phlipps & Matt Pridham sent some prank texts.

Science was good for the first half but it went into chaos in the last 10 min (Read the EXTRMELY IMPORTANT NOTICE for why). Thats when Millie & One of Arpil's mates heavily complianed. But a short time before that Dainel Gunnell (one of my best mates sometimes)
called me twice for some reason & Abbey text me and was annoyed but that was sorted out at around 6:14pm though.

Got homework to do.
things are going to go wrong for a while so i mightbe a bit annoyed.

Oh and if you want to know DAVE +1 is coming to freeview as well as CNN,Rocks & Co, and Discovery Quest. freeview is going through a weird stage atm.